4G OBD GPS Tracker

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4G OBD GPS Tracker With Free Tracking Software

With our 4G OBD GPS Tracker check where the device is by simply logging onto the mobile app provided or on your PC to show you exactly on the map where they are or to install alerts when the vehicle enters a specified location diameter. 

The device will arrive to you, pre-configured ready to go. The OBD GPS Tracker works on the latest 4G LTE network (covering all 4G bands worldwide). Meaning its the most up to date tracker on the market and works on all Australian telco providers on 3G & 4G.


Our 4G OBD GPS Tracker Total Typical Running cost for 1 year is $10 Nothing else to pay!

portable tracking device


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Key features:

● OBDII and CANBUS protocol, DC 12V and 24V

● 2G GSM/GPRS quad-band, 3G UMTS quad-band

● 4G LTE network (covering all 4G bands world-wide)

● Plug and play, Small size, no installation cost

● Collect fuel consumption, fuel level data

● Very accurate mileage data (accuracy>99%)

● Collect DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code) for remote diagnostic

● Collect VIN, engine temperature

● Internal GSM and GPS antennas

● Illegal start-up, impact and rollover alarm

● Detect harsh acceleration, braking, turn and high revolution

● Driving behaviour recording and analysis

● Track on google map and other maps

● Android, iOS APP & telematics software free for ever

● Auto sleep mode to save automotive power


Applying Industry: 
4G OBD GPS tracker, fleet management system, OBD dongle, 4G car tracker, GPS OBD fuel management, vehicle tracking system, OBD2 GPS, 4G tracker


Ready to use:

1. All configuration has been done to the software
2. Simple instructions sent via email
3. 24/7 support
4. Account creation and setup

Note: You will need to provide the SIM card (Not Data Only) which you can buy from any local servo or supermarket for $2 running costs are shown below:
Vodafone: 365 day pay as you go recharge $40
Amaysim (Optus): Pay as you go credit $10 
Aldi (Telstra): Pay as you go $5 

Device Instruction Manual

Installation Guide

You can search the Apple Apps Store for E-drive App. 

Use the E-drive number: 165692


You can demo the software using the account details below!

Password: 123456

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