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Personal SOS GPS Safety Tracker, Emergency Call

The Mini Personal SOS GPS Tracker is suitable for seniors who suffer from dementia, children, pets, lone workers, travellers and comes with a pre-installed sim card ready to use.

Some of the features of the Personal SOS GPS Tracker are:

  • Easy to use, Clip on to belt or clothing. 
  • Remote listen in
  • SOS alerts via SMS text messaging with google map links.

The Personal SOS GPS Tracker also has an easy to use app and web-based tracking platform you can implement quickly in real-time to find your loved ones or colleagues.

This product is waterproof and designed for monitoring and protecting people and property in case of an emergency. Its innovative miniature size makes this a great personal remote positioning device.

The geofence function is also great if the intended user suffers from Dementia and is prone to wondering as you can set a limit area and be alerted once the target leaves this area.

The device has the following features:

Remote Listen in

SOS alarm in case of an emergency.

Low power consumption and long standby time.

Remote battery level monitoring

Waterproof to IXP6, safe for use in the shower

Free online tracking platform and apps

Package contents:

1 x Mini personal SOS GPS tracker.

1 x USB charging dock.

1 x USB cable.

1 x User manual.

1 x Amaysim [Optus] Sim card (If available)

There is no subscriptions with any of our trackers. The typical running cost of this device is only $10 per year paid to the telco provider. 

Instruction Manual

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