About Us

Since 2017 we have been working to create a platform that brings to australians the best range of products in the Home Automation ever innovating field.
We love how technology can really transform our daily lives and we believe that this market will have as many users as smartphones in the future and we are excited to be part of the beginning of 
Australia’s path down that road!

Offering the very best in electronic gadgets and a customer service with high expertise, Oz Smart Things provides the support you need in starting your home automation journey in your home or in your business.

Our founder Calum Sugden also brings to our portfolio a wide experience in the GPS Tracking industry, providing a software solution free from any subscriptions which can be a perfect way for a business to gain efficiency managing a fleet or simply for customers to secure their assets.

Oz Smart Things is also growing in the Assistive Living Technology field offering products to people living with disabilities and providing them support which aligns with Company’s values of creating a positive impact in customer’s lives and making technology more accessible.

So at the end of the day having your blinds on schedule to opening and closing, tracking the fleet you manage, setting the mood with the right lightning and ambient music once you enter a room, securing your home and being able to answer the door even when you are far from home and so much more will be part of our daily lives bringing us convenience and comfort so we can find more important things to focus our energy on!

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