OzTrack 4G OBD Tracker
OzTrack 4G OBD Tracker
OzTrack 4G OBD Tracker

OzTrack 4G OBD Tracker

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  • No install. No batteries. Just plugin.
  • No contracts. No hidden costs. 
  • Monitor your fleet and/or personal vehicles/assets from any Computer, Tablet or Smartphone 24/7.
  • Real-time tracking updates and full tracking history reports. Showing routes taken, speed travelled, mileage and duration spent at any location.
  • New advanced and easy to use mapping panel.

We recently upgraded to a new model with improved hardware and software. Existing customers that have our previous model 4g OBD Tracker please contact us.

Introducing the OzTrack 4G OBD GPS tracker.

  • Ready to use straight out the box and with no specialist installation needed, this OBD tracker is the quickest option in getting your vehicle or fleet tracked.
  • All you need to do to start tracking is plug your OzTrack 4G OBD tracking device into the OBD (on-board diagnostic) port of your vehicle, and log in to your app/mapping panel. That’s it!
  • Your GPS tracker will now be reporting your vehicles location in real-time and you can monitor this from your computer, tablet and phone.
  • Ideal for both fleets and individual use, your OBD tracker 
  • The ‘plug and play’ convenience of the OBD trackers means you can install, remove and re-install your tracker into a different vehicle at any time.

This Device also can read the OBD codes in realtime. Check to see what codes can be read here!

Note: The device works with any vehicle after 1996 



Ready to use. No Device set up necessary, just insert your sim card, download the app or log in to your mapping platform and you will get live tracking updates to your phone, tablet or computer. ‘Plug and Play’. Just plug your GPS tracker straight into your OBD port on any vehicle. No installation needed. No battery. Your OBD tracker runs off the vehicle’s power source, so you never have to worry about charging the battery.
Fully transferable. If you ever need to use your OBD tracker on another vehicle, just unplug it and place in your new vehicle. Real-time tracking from anywhere! New advanced and easy to use mapping panel. Monitor your GPS tracker in real-time from your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Free tracking App for iPhones/iPads and Android devices. Just search ‘MY GNSS ’ in your app store.
Full tracking history recorded. See addresses/locations visited and duration of time spent there, providing the detailed information that you need. Set up alerts. Geofences, safety alerts, movement alarms and warnings. Ideal for fleet monitoring. Simple and effective, you can monitor your whole fleet from one mapping platform.
Small and discreet. Your OBD tracker is not instantly visible and will not interfere with any driver behaviour. Multi-roaming SIMs. Giving full coverage of all networks, ensuring the best chance of always achieving signal. No Subscriptions. The cheapest live tracking costs available. You only pay for the sim card.