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DIY Roller Blind Motor Kit

DIY Roller Blind Motor Kit

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Designed in Australia for Aussie Blinds Automation

For motorisation to work, you must have the correct components to fit your specific blind. We have developed adaptors to be compatible with most custom blinds found in Australia. Click here to see which blinds are compatible 

Professional grade motorisation for your existing blinds

Say goodbye to yanking on chains every day. Watch as all of your blinds rise and lower in unison at the touch of a button. The BlindWinder RZ28 is a state of the art tubular motor that fits inside your blind. It has a built-in rechargeable battery so you do not need to worry about additional wiring. Simply swap out your old chain winder and slide it in!

Complete kit solution compatible with most blinds

This kit includes all 4 sets of tube adapters and all 4 bracket adapters. It is designed fo fit most blinds found in Australia, however, please see System Compatibility to ensure that your blind is compatible. If uncertain, please contact our team via email or use the Live Chat feature.

The BlindWinder RZ28 is designed to work with most residential blinds. That being said, the width of a blind must be no less than 550mm. Maximum lift capacity is 4.5Kg. The size of a blind that this translates to is dependent on fabric and other factors, but generally, any blind covering up to 7 sqm. should be viable.

BlindWinder RZ28 Motor

The BlindWinder RZ28 is a state of the art tubular motor that fits inside your blind. It has a built-in rechargeable battery so you do not need to worry about any additional wiring. Simply swap out your old chain winder and slide it in!

  • Power source: Internal Li-Ion
  • Battery life: Approx. 6 months
  • Min. blind width: 550mm
  • Lifting capacity: 4.5Kg
  • Control method: RF remote
  • Warranty: 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Package Includes

  • 1x: BlindWinder RZ28 Motor
  • 1x: 6 Channel Remote Control 433mhz
  • 1x: Magnetic Charging Cable (3m)
  • Warranty: 2 Years Manufacturer Warranty

Optional Solar Panel available here

This device is compatible with most smart home systems that have 433mhz or can be made smart using the Broadlink RM4 Pro or the Bond Bridge.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Very seamless

    At our old house, we tried one of the retrofit pull-the-chain blind openers and were disappointed at how it kept slipping and losing the set endpoints.
    In our new house, we have a very awkward time getting to a high blind above our study desk. I took a chance on this system, and we have been really impressed. The motor worked the first time and has worked every time since. The endpoints have been maintained. It is quiet, moves fast to begin with, and then slows down at the end, which feels like it's showing care.
    I am now about to buy a whole heap more to do the other blinds around my house.

    Colin Crossley
    Superb design and build quality, highly recommend

    Was a little hesitant to go for a ‘diy’ ‘battery powered’ kit, fearing it might end up being a little ’homemade’ looking but I was pleasantly surprised however - this is top notch kit.

    It retro fit into my existing (god knows what brand?) blinds that came with my fairly new house really easily with no real issues at all. All the adapters needed were all provided in the kit and I got it all up and running in just a few minutes, The optional solar panel is a little clunky to look at but it is slim and sticks nicely at the top of the window panel so if you set the ‘top’ for your blinds during installation a few cm’s lower you can easily hide it quite well I found. If you don’t buy the solar panel charging is via the usb cable provided which too is a nice design, an easy connect/disconnect magnetic cable with a good long cable, again 10/10 for how well they have designed everything,

    The remote is good, but comes with my one and only real design criticism for the whole kit - it doesn’t come with a wall mount despite the remote appearing to be moulded for one, such a shame.

    Everything else all said and done once installed looks quality, like it came with the blinds originally, and nothing about the finished result ended up locking ‘diy’ as I had first worried.

    Smart integration is via a RF blaster hub, I used my el-cheapo Chinese Tuya knockoff hub and it worked fine straight away, and the RF signal picks up fine from right across my house.

    Highly recommended.


    Works brilliantly, easy to install and setup.