Dendo Blind Automation Motor System Compatibility

Dendo Blind Automation Motor System Compatibility

Compatible with most Aussie blinds

Roller blinds might all look alike, but in fact there is a multitude of different hardware configurations from various manufacturers. Therefore, care must be taken to ensure that the motor can be used with a particular blind. The two main determining factors for compatibility are:

  1. The drive side bracket (the one that the chain winder is attached to)
  2. The blind tube

Due to the sheer number of different designs, it is impossible to guarantee compatibility with every blind out there. However, we have come up with a range of adapters to ensure our motors are compatible with the large majority of blinds found in Australia.


It is crucial that you use the information presented in this document to order the correct adapters for your blinds. To do this you will need to first remove the blind from its brackets. If you are unsure about how to remove your blinds, please see Removing the Roller Blind for additional guidance.


If you plan on motorising multiple blinds, it is generally not necessary to take apart each and every blind just to check for compatibility. Blinds purchased from the same company will usually share a common hardware system. One caveat is if there is a large size discrepancy between blinds. In such cases, it is recommend to check both the smallest and the largest blind since it is common for larger blinds to use heavier duty components.


If you are still unsure as to whether Dendo motors are compatible with your blinds, please send an email to with photos of the drive bracket and tube profile. One of our team members will be able to assist in recommending suitable adapters, if available.

Minimum and maximum size limitations

Our motors will fit most regular sized blinds, but there is both a lower and upper limit. The lower limit refers to a minimum width to allow the motor to be fully inserted into the blind tube. The upper limit relates to the maximum lift capacity of a given motor.


Please consult the product page of the specific motor and ensure that its minimum and maximum size limits are suitable for the intended blind.

Bracket compatibility

Please refer to the following table to determine the correct bracket adapter to order for your blind. Critical dimensions are shown for your reference.


There can be many different variations of the same basic design, including double brackets. The prescribed bracket adapter should work as long as the shown critical dimension is measured to be the same.

Bracket adapter
Compatible Brackets
Not required
Type I
Type II
Type III
Type IV

Tube compatibility

Please refer to the following table to determine the correct tube adapter set to order for your blind. Critical dimensions are shown for your reference.

Tube adapter
Compatible Tubes
Type A
Type B
Type C
Type D
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