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SwitchBot Hub 2

SwitchBot Hub 2

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SwitchBot Hub 2 is an all-in-one Universal Compact IR Remote Control, Smart Wi-Fi Thermometer & Hygrometer and now Supports HomeKit via Matter.

  • A Smart Wi-Fi Hygrometer: Monitor room temperature and humidity accurately thanks to our Swiss-made sensor and large LED screen. It‘s also equipped with a light sensor, that helps your device adapt to the local environment and is Wi-Fi (Support 2.4GHz) enabled to help you monitor temperature, humidity, and lighting at home. 

  • Helps Consolidate All Your Infrared Remotes: With Smart Learning, this smart home hub can help you add tons of home appliance infrared remotes to the app to help make home life simple. You'll then be able to control appliances such as TVs, Air Cons, and more using Voice Commands (e.g. Alexa) or even using the app or your Apple Watch.

  • Use with Scenes and Geo-fencing: Temperature, humidity, and light detected by SwitchBot Hub 2 can be used as automatic scene conditions as the trigger condition to control devices such as air conditioners to help maintain a comfortable environment at home. Use other SwitchBot products to realize more automation scenarios with the help of SwitchBot's smart home ecosystem.

  • 2 Smart Buttons Included: The device comes with two buttons to allow you to set up household appliances or automation scenes to be controlled when using our app. Just simply tap lightly and enjoy a host of different home automation possibilities, especially suitable for the elderly or children who cannot use smartphones or voice commands.

  • Supports Matter: SwitchBot Curtain is supported via Matter when using SwitchBot Hub 2, which in turn helps make your device supported via HomeKit (support across other devices will come shortly after). This hub also allows you to use third-party smart assistants such as Alexa, Google Home, and Apple Home for an even better smart home experience.

What is NEW?

- Now Supports HomeKit via Matter:

For existing Bluetooth-only products such as SwitchBot Curtain and SwitchBot Blind Tilt, you can connect Hub 2 to your smart home ecosystem to implement Matter over Wi-Fi in the future, removing the need to buy new devices to make them Matter compatible.

*To add Matter-compatible accessories, a smart home hub such as Apple HomePod Mini or Google Nest is required.

- Smart Temperature and Humidity Meter
- Smart Alerts
- Operate when Network connection is down
- Air conditioner remote control status synchronization
- Built-in Smart Buttons


- A better foundation for your smart home.

SwitchBot Hub 2 supports old infrared appliances and can help make them smarter, what's more, you can also connect other SwitchBot products via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to build a more complete smart home experience.

- Use SwitchBot Curtain and SwitchBot Blind Tilt
directly through Apple Home.

- Temperature, humidity, and light, all directly through your device.

- Features a built-in Swiss-made sensor
chip for better data accuracy.

Our temperature and humidity sensor is now based externally to reduce heat interference, giving you more accurate results.

- Get automatic alerts in real-time when temperature or humidity changes:

Automatically adjust the temperature for pets at home when you're not around to make sure they are safe and comfortable.

- Double the Range.

- Control even when offline.

- Set up remotes in seconds.

- Sync Air Con status to the app.

- Brand new all-in-one Smart Buttons:

Use Smart Buttons with Hub 2 and just tap to turn off lights, TVs, and Air Conditioners, all in one go. Great for hectic mornings.

About to hit the hay?
Make a Scene for it.

Turn on your air conditioner and dim the lights gradually according to your bedtime needs by using the Scenes feature.

More automation for an even
better smart home experience:

  • Schedules
  • Lighting
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Geo-fencing


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews

    Awesome product

    Myk Dowling
    Stable connection. Still figuring out how best to use it. Could be heavier.

    Seems to be working pretty well with my Home Assistant setup, though I don't understand why the Air Conditioner on/off comes up as a separate switch to the Mode setting.

    I understand they are not very responsive to issues raised with the software, at least in terms of integration with other systems.

    The strangest thing I find is that it could really use a bit more weight, so it isn't at the mercy of its power cable when it comes to placement.

    Julian Varney

    SwitchBot Hub 2

    great addition to the range

    definite improvement to the hub range.
    easy setup with partial integration now with Homekit

    Alan RT
    Quick & easy setup

    Up and running in no time. Getting the SwitchBot 2 hub to recognise the remote controls took a couple of attempts (could have been me doing something wrong). SwitchBot app easy to use to control the aircon. Now to set some automation rules for heating and cooling.