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Soma Smart Shades 3

Soma Smart Shades 3

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Introducing the SOMA Smart Shades 3

  • The Superior Experience
  • New sleek design.
  • Strong. Fast. Quiet.
  • Long lasting battery.
  • Swipe controls.
  • Matter and Thread ready.

What Makes SOMA Smart Shades 3 Unique

Heavy Lifter

Bursting with power - if you can pull it up, the SOMA Smart Shades 3 can.

Serious Speed

Up to 3x times the speed compared to the previous model.

Stealthier Than Ever Before

Works even more quietly if you lower the speed to let its pleasant hum blend into the background.

Install with Ease

Quick and easy installation! In just 3 minutes your home will be smarter.

High Performer Battery

The strong built-in lithium battery can last up to 6 months and longer.

Ready for Matter & Thread

Pending Thread certification and Matter support which will enable seamless cooperation with your other smart home devices.

Mobile App Control

Just tap on your phone without lifting a finger to raise or lower the shade or leaving the comfort of your couch.

Swipe Control

No phone in sight, no problem! Just swiping up or down on the motor will do the trick.

Automate Away

Set daily or weekly schedules to automate each room to let in or shut out the light, night and heat.


Questions and Answers

Can I use it with any type of chains?
SOMA Smart Shades 3 is compatible with any shade, blind or curtain that has a beaded chain or cord loop.

Is it possible to use any type, weight and size of shades?
There are no weight or size restrictions - SOMA Smart Shades 3 can move any shade or blind what you are able to pull manually.

The strong SOMA Smart Shades 3 motor can also easily lift wide floor to ceiling shades made of heavy fabric.

The only requirement is that the shade, blind or curtain has a beaded chain or cord loop.
How fast is the SOMA Smart Shades 3 motor?
SOMA Smart Shades 3 motor is amazingly fast. The motor can pull a shade 1.5 meters (~5 feet) upwards under 10 seconds (applies also to heavy and wide shades).
What is the noise level of SOMA Smart Shades 3?
The loudness of SOMA Smart Shades 3 motor depends on the speed it has been configured to move with. With the fastest speed the motor has a pleasant low pitch sound. The slower the motor moves the quieter it is.

Below is a comparison of speed/noise measurements when moving a shade 1.5 meters (~5 feet) upwards. Background noise was 39.5 dB.

Speed/how long it took to pull the shade?
How loud was the motor?
10 seconds: 52 dB pleasent low pitch sound
20 seconds: 46 dB
30 seconds: 42 dB
60 seconds: not distinguishable from the background noise

How long the SOMA Smart Shades 3 battery lasts?
SOMA Smart Shades 3 battery lasts 4-12 months with one up/down cycle per day:
  • The battery lasts longer when used with shades shorter in height
  • The battery lasts longer when used with a higher motor speed
  • The battery lasts less when used with heavier shades
How the SOMA Smart Shades 3 battery is charged?
SOMA Smart Shades 3 can be charged either with USB-C compatible charger (not included) or with SOMA Solar Panel (sold separately).

What options are available for controlling the SOMA Smart Shades 3?
The following options are built into the SOMA Smart Shades 3:
  • Mobile app control
  • Swipe/touch controls on the device for moving up/down and stopping the motor
  • Automated triggering of movement based on time of day, sunrise, sunset or light conditions
  • Over time once certified, SOMA Smart Shades 3 will receive a free firmware update for build-in support of Thread and Matter standards

The following options are available when installed together with SOMA Connect Bridge:
  • Apple Siri, Google Home/Assistant, Amazon Alexa voice commands (*)
  • Home Assistant automations and controls
  • Local HTTP API for DIY integrations
  • Samsung Bixby voice commands and SmartThings scenes and automations, SmartThings enabled buttons and remotes
  • Google Home routines, Google Home enabled switches
  • Amazon Alexa routines, Amazon Alexa enabled switches
(*) Siri voice commands are available in all languages supported by Apple. Google Home/Assistant voice commands are available in Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian and Spanish. Amazon Alexa voice commands are available in English and in German.

Which smartphones are compatible with the SOMA Smart Shades 3?
SOMA Smart Shades 3 is currently compatible with iOS and Android phones and tablets.

What is the wireless range of the SOMA Smart Shades 3?
SOMA Smart Shades 3 has an operation range of about 130ft/40m.

Can I control the SOMA Smart Shades 3 on multiple phones?
Yes, once the initial setup is done, all your family members can pair their phones with SOMA Smart Shades 3.

Chain/cord type

SOMA Smart Shades is compatible with various endless loop chains and cords. Find out if your blind has a beaded chain or a plain cord. In the case of a beaded chain, find out how many beads/balls there are per inch (2.5 cm). Below measurements are approximate, choose the one that suits the best. When in doubt, contact our support, we are happy to assist.

Endless loop beaded chain - standard beads

Most of the blinds with a beaded chain have balls which diameter is approx. 3/16 in / 4.5 mm. This means there are around 4 balls per 1 in / 2.5 cm.

Beaded chain with standard beads

There is also a variation which has extra spacing between the balls. The 3rd ball starts around 1 in / 2.5 cm.

Beaded chain with standard beads with extra spacing

Endless loop beaded chain - large beads

Ball diameter is approx. 1/4 in / 6.3 mm. This means that there are around 2.5 balls and 2 spacings per 1 in / 2.5 cm.

Beaded chain with large beads

Endless loop beaded chain - small beads

Ball diameter is approx. 1/8 in / 3.2 mm. This means that there are around 6 balls per 1 in / 2.5 cm.

Beaded chain with small beads

Endless loop non-beaded cord

Plain continuous cord loop without beads.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Derek Taylor
    Soma Smart Shades - great product!

    This is a great way to automate your curtains. Easy to install and setup, quick to get going and works perfectly. I have it on a corded curtain track and it works fine. I've now ordered 3 more.


    Relatively straightforward to setup although I couldn't get Google home to work with it. It's also very loud so not great for opening blinds in the morning.

    Glen Schroeter
    Not worth the price

    3 times the price of an aqara unit, yes very good motor and lifts any blind and very quiet, but comes with only double side tape that was too weak and fell off, had to replace. Worse thing about it with its price point, they have no wifi connection, you have to pay another $100 for a bridge, that is a joke.


    Works perfectly well for our needs.

    Cool device

    I can't get enough of the convenience that Soma Smart Shades 2 brings to my home. The installation process was a breeze, and now I can control the shades from anywhere with the app. The integration with smart home systems like Alexa and Google Assistant is seamless, making it a joy to use. These shades have transformed my living spaces and made my life so much easier