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Oz Smart Things Pty Ltd

Oz Zigbee Smart Valve

Oz Zigbee Smart Valve

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Oz Zigbee Smart Valve Main Benefits :

  • Works with Homekit, Google and Alexa through our Zigbee Hub.
  • Remote control from anywhere in the world with the compatible Zigbee hub
  • Compatible with all TUYA/SMART LIFE devices.
  • It allows the creation of schedules and can be linked with other devices for complex scenarios.
  • Easy to install. No need to interfere with existing infrastructure. The controller is placed on standard lever ball valves.
  • Secure 12V power supply.
  • The controller has a clutch pin that allows the lever to be manually repositioned.
  • It allows you to adjust, from the app, the water flow manually.
  • The controller is waterproof.


  • The controller can only be used on 1/2-inch pipe valves.
  • The controller attaches to the ball valve from above. The ball valve lever is inserted between the valve mounting bolts.
  • After actuation, the controller moves the arm, moving the lever to the off or on position.
  • Make sure you have enough space above the valve to fit the controller.
  • You can control it manually thanks to the buttons on the housing

Attention! For this device, you need the TUYA ZigBee 3.0 gateway available in our offer:  

The basics of the Zigbee protocol:

  • The Zigbee protocol operates on the 2.4 GHz frequency, which propagates well in the building.
  • Zigbee connectivity is MESH connectivity, which means that each Zigbee device acts as a relay for all other devices. If the remote sensor does not communicate with the Zigbee Gateway, it is sufficient that it has radio communication with another sensor that communicates with the gateway. The devices operate in a chain of mesh connections, ensuring a reliable and secure connection.
  • Zigbee devices and sensors consume very little power, resulting in long battery life.
  • Devices using the Zigbee protocol connect to the control panel in case of a status change within 0.2 seconds. After a status change, wifi devices take about 5 seconds to connect to the Wifi network. ZigBee devices have a great advantage in smart rule automation.
  • Most of the configured automation of ZigBee devices is done at the local gateway. Not in the cloud. A typical rule> If the motion is detected (PIR detector), turn on the light, the execution time is about 0.5 seconds.
  • The execution time of the same rule on WiFi devices is approximately 3-7 seconds.
  • The Zigbee gateway and Zigbee devices allow for much larger and longer storage of parameter data and device history.  

Examples of use :

  • Irrigation automation
  • Remote shut-off of water and gas valves in houses and villas
  • On-farm water supply
  • Regulating the water/gas flow in the house and chalet


Included with purchase :

  • TUYA WIFI Valve Controller
  • Power supply 1A 12V

Tested with the following Zigbee controllers:

ZemiSmart Homekit Hub✔️

Tuya Zigbee ✔️

HUE (Not Homekit) ✔️

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