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INTESIS Universal IR Air Conditioner

INTESIS Universal IR Air Conditioner

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Universal IR Air Conditioner to AC Cloud Control (WiFi) Interface - 1 unit

This model allows you to control your AC unit from the AC Cloud app and also integrates with HomeAssistant 

Universal IR (Infrared) Air Conditioner control systems that can be integrated with AC Cloud Control typically involve the use of a universal remote control device or a smart controller that can send IR signals to a wide range of air conditioner models. These systems allow you to control your air conditioner remotely using a mobile app or a web interface. Here's how they generally work:


  • Remote Control and Monitoring: Universal IR Air Conditioner control systems are designed to provide remote control and monitoring capabilities for air conditioners that use infrared signals for communication.


  • Mobile App or Web Control: These systems often come with a dedicated mobile app or web interface that allows you to control your air conditioner remotely. Through the app or web interface, you can:

    • Adjust temperature settings.
    • Change the operating mode (cooling, heating, fan-only, etc.).
    • Set fan speeds.
    • Create custom schedules for turning the air conditioner on or off.
    • Monitor the current status of your air conditioner
  • Compatibility: Universal IR control systems are designed to work with a wide range of air conditioner brands and models. They typically include a database of IR codes for various manufacturers, allowing you to select your specific air conditioner model during setup.

  • Voice Control: Some universal IR controllers are compatible with voice assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, enabling you to control your air conditioner using voice commands.

  • Learning Mode: In cases where your air conditioner model isn't in the database, some controllers have a learning mode. This allows you to teach the controller the IR codes from your existing remote control.

  • Temperature Sensors: Some advanced controllers may include temperature sensors that can provide real-time temperature feedback from the room where the air conditioner is located. This can help you monitor and adjust the temperature more precisely.

  • Integration with Smart Home Systems: Depending on the brand and model of the universal IR controller, it may offer integration with smart home ecosystems like SmartThings, Apple HomeKit, or others, allowing for more seamless automation and control.

Technical Details

Enclosure: ABS (V-0, 5VB). 2,1 mm thickness PC (V-2). 1 mm thickness

Dimensions: 81 x 78 x 28 mm

Weight: 76 g

Colour: White

Power supply: 5VDC 0,25 A NEC Class 2 or Limited Power Source (LPS) and SELV rated Power supply

Radio Parameters: Wi-Fi 802.11 (b/g/n). RF Frequency range: 2412 to 2497 MHz. Output power (average): 8 dBm (Modulated signal at antenna port; 11Mb/Sec.)

Mounting: Wall

LED indicators: 1 x Device status

Button: 1 x Push button

Temperature sensor: 1 x Internal temperature sensor

Infrared communication: 1 x Infrared receiver 2 x Infrared emitter

Binary Input: 1 x Minijack connection (3.5mm stereo jack). Signal cable length: 5m unshielded, may be extended up to 20m if twisted. Compliant with the following standards: IEC61000-4-2: level 4 Ð 15kV (air discharge) Ð 8kV (contact discharge) MIL STD 883E-Method 3015-7: class3B

Operating Temperature: From 0oC to 40oC

Operating Humidity: <93% HR, no condensation

Stock Humidity: <93% HR, no condensation

RoHS Conformity: Compliant with RoHS directive (2011/65/EU).


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