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Home Assistant Smart Home Kit

Home Assistant Smart Home Kit

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Home Assistant Smart Home Kit: HA Green + Zigbee USB + Z-wave stick, 12 x dimmer pucks, 5 x relay pucks, Intesis AC Cloud adapter, 2 x Zigbee Smart Plug, 2 x Zigbee multi sensor, Bond Bridge, Zigbee High Powered 32A Relay, IVSEC Camera Kit, Grandstream router, Network switch and 2 x AP

Upgrade your home automation experience with the HA Green+ Smart Home Kit, a comprehensive solution designed to elevate your living space into a connected haven. This kit combines cutting-edge technology, reliability, and versatility to bring you the utmost in smart home convenience and control.

Key Components:

  1. Zigbee USB Stick:

    • Seamlessly integrate Zigbee devices into your smart home ecosystem. Effortlessly control and monitor Zigbee-compatible devices for enhanced automation.
  2. Z-Wave Stick:

    • Enhance your network flexibility with the Z-Wave stick, which provides support for a wide range of Z-Wave devices. Enjoy reliable communication and extended compatibility.
  3. 12 x Dimmer Pucks:

    • Achieve the perfect ambiance in any room with twelve dimmer pucks. Effortlessly adjust lighting levels to suit your mood or occasion.
  4. 5 x Relay Pucks:

    • Gain control over various appliances and devices with five relay pucks. Manage power distribution and automate your home with ease.
  5. Intesis AC Cloud Adapter:

    • Connect to and control your air conditioning units with the Intesis AC Cloud Adapter. Enjoy personalized comfort and energy efficiency through seamless integration.
  6. 2 x Zigbee Smart Plugs:

    • Transform regular appliances into smart devices with two Zigbee Smart Plugs. Monitor energy usage and remotely control connected devices for optimal efficiency.
  7. 2 x Oz Smart Zigbee Door Sensor:

    • Elevate home security with seamless connectivity and real-time alerts for every entry point
  8. Bond Bridge:

    • Expand the capabilities of your remote-controlled ceiling fans and fireplace with the Bond Bridge. Enjoy centralized control through the Home Assistant platform.
  9. Zigbee High-Powered 32A Relay:

    • Manage heavy-duty appliances effortlessly with the Zigbee High-Powered 32A Relay. Control and monitor high-power devices for enhanced automation.
  10. IVSEC Camera Kit:

    • Monitor your home in real-time with the IVSEC Camera Kit. Ensure security and peace of mind with high-quality video surveillance.
  11. Grandstream Router:

    • Establish a robust and reliable network foundation with the Grandstream Router. Ensure smooth communication between your smart devices for uninterrupted automation.
  12. Network Switch and 2 x AP (Access Points):

    • Strengthen your home network infrastructure with a network switch and two access points. Ensure seamless connectivity and optimal performance for all your smart devices.
  13. Mortise Zigbee Smart Lock
  • Experience next-level security and convenience with the Mortise Zigbee Smart Lock—your gateway to a smarter, safer home

     14. Shelly Wall Display

  • Sleek Control Hub transforms your smart home management with style.

     15.HA Green:

  • The heart of your smart home, enabling seamless communication and control of Zigbee devices with Home Assistant
  • An Extension USB Cable is required to connect the HA green hub and the Sonoff E-Zigbee USB


Upgrade your lifestyle with the HA Green+ Smart Home Kit, where innovation meets simplicity. Unleash the full potential of your smart home with this comprehensive solution, curated for those who demand the best in home automation technology. Transform your living space into a smart haven where comfort, security, and efficiency converge effortlessly.







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