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HA Green Zigbee Hub Pack

HA Green Zigbee Hub Pack

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Home Assistant Green Zigbee Hub Pack includes:

1x Home Assistant Green Smart Hub +
1x SONOFF ZBDongle-E Zigbee USB +
5x Oz Zigbee Dimmer Puck +
FREE 1x Aeotec Motion


Introducing the Home Assistant Green Zigbee Hub Pack, the ultimate solution for seamlessly integrating smart devices into your home automation network. 

Home Assistant Green Smart Hub:

Upgrade your smart home experience with the Home Assistant Green Smart Hub. Engineered for performance and compatibility, this hub serves as the central command center for all your connected devices. With a user-friendly interface and robust automation capabilities, the Home Assistant Green Smart Hub empowers you to customize and control your smart home effortlessly. Its compact design ensures easy integration into any living space, while its cutting-edge technology guarantees a reliable and secure connection.

Key Features:

  • Seamless Integration: Works seamlessly with a wide range of smart devices, allowing you to create a cohesive and interconnected smart home ecosystem.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The intuitive interface of the Home Assistant Green Smart Hub makes it easy to set up and manage your smart home devices.
  • Automation Capabilities: Unlock the full potential of your smart home with advanced automation features, enabling you to create personalized scenarios and schedules.
  • Compact Design: The sleek and compact design of the hub ensures a discreet presence in your home while maintaining powerful functionality.
  • An Extension USB Cable is required to connect the HA green hub and the Sonoff E-Zigbee USB

SONOFF ZBDongle-E Zigbee USB:

Enhance the capabilities of your Home Assistant Green Smart Hub with the SONOFF ZBDongle-E Zigbee USB. This USB dongle expands the compatibility of your smart home network, allowing you to connect Zigbee-enabled devices effortlessly. The SONOFF ZBDongle-E is designed for optimal performance and reliability, ensuring a seamless integration of Zigbee devices into your smart home ecosystem.

Key Features:

  • Zigbee Compatibility: Enables communication with a variety of Zigbee-enabled devices, such as sensors, lights, and smart plugs.
  • Easy Plug-and-Play Setup: Simply plug the SONOFF ZBDongle-E into the Home Assistant Green Smart Hub, and it's ready to go. No complicated installation process required.
  • Reliable Connection: Benefit from a stable and secure Zigbee connection, ensuring that your smart devices respond promptly to your commands.
  • Compact and Portable: The compact design of the dongle allows for easy portability and convenient placement within your smart home setup.

Oz Zigbee Dimmer Puck - Oz Smart Zigbee Dimmer in Wall Switch Module, Philips Hue and Homekit Compatible.

Zigbee Dimmer Switch Module, No Neutral Required, Works with Google and Alexa through a Zigbee Hub. Works with Homekit Through the Philips Hue Hub. 


Aeotec Zigbee Motion Sensor

The Aeotec Smart Motion Sensor enables you to receive alerts of motion activity in your spaces.


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