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Fibaro Smart Implant

Fibaro Smart Implant

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The element of intelligence with great power

Smart Implant is your appliances intelligence in the form of small control cube. When applied to the appliance Smart Implant extends its operation with intelligent functions and features. Smart Implant is currently the only such a comprehensive solution utilizing Z-Wave technology on the market that changes ordinary devices into devices compatible with FIBARO Smart Home system.

  • Wireless Communication
  • Extending your Z-Wave network
  • Remote on/off switch of a device
  • Various sensors data transmitter

Safe in installation

Powered by a safe low voltage with a wide range of 9-30V. Protected against adverse effects of incorrect connection (eg. wrong polarity).

Neutral for the device

Transparent for alarm systems. It does not interfere with regular operation of the device.

Smart switch activating FIBARO system scene you've been waiting for

  • Garage door with smart features
  • An alarm system integrated with your smart home
  • The heating system is now part of a smart home
  • Sensors that will make your garden smart
  • A second life for your old devices
  • Smart switch activating FIBARO system scene you've been waiting for
  • Garage door with smart features

Controlling garage door using a remote control is currently a standard solution we use. You don’t have to pay for replacing your garage door with new one or invest in complicated automation systems, because it is enough to plug in the Smart Implant in the garage door controller to connect the gate with the FIBARO system and control it using KeyFob.

With help of Smart Implant, the integration of the wired alarm system with FIBARO home management system extends the features of motion sensors and opening of doors / windows, including the ability to communicate with the smart home system. What's more, it enables remote arming of the alarm system using a smartphone. You can be sure, that your property and possessions are secured and you can check on it no matter where you are.

One of the areas to which we most readily introduce automation in our homes is the heating system. Placing FIBARO Smart Implant in the controller of your furnace and underfloor heating brings snart heating to your home. From now on, if necessary, you can change heating schedules wherever you are with a smartphone or tablet or ... you can just do nothing, because FIBARO relieves you from the obligation to manage heating and knows how to take care of each household member comfort separately.

We want to have a smart home, so why not try to create a smart garden as well. The Smart Implant gives an opportunity to gardening enthusiasts who have equipped their garden with wind, temperature and soil moisture sensors. By placing the Smart Implant in the sensor, we equip it with the feature of connecting with the FIBARO system, which collects the transmitted information and on this basis, it can start watering the garden or heat the water in the pool, at exactly the right time.

We often have valuable devices and appliances at home that we want to keep because of the sentiment or their unique design. Thanks to the Smart Implant, devices that have been proven over the years, such as AV-receivers, radios, amplifiers and projectors, can continue to serve us, and what's more, they can become part of our smart home system. After installing the Smart Implant in your audio equipment, you can turn it on using voice command. Enjoy your favorite equipment in a new, smart version.

We like it when minimal effort on our part is enough for the home devices to start making life easier for us. By installing the Smart Implant in a wall switch and your selected equipment, you can start ‘Home theatre’ scene in a single motion. In one moment, the light will be dimmed, the projector and music will turn on, and the blinds will close. The Smart Implant is small but extremely versatile.

A device for special tasks

Smart Implant is the outcome of work conducted on extending the functionality of Universal Binary Sensor resulting from the analysis of the needs of FIBARO installers and users of the FIBARO System. We have prepared a comprehensive solution. Smart Implant is a real game changer: it allows you to increase the possibilities of integrating your ‘non-smart’ devices with the FIBARO System and provides installers with a solution to our customers installation problems.

Home appliances control

  • Remote control of devices
  • Up to 12 possible actions assigned to one scene

Supporting sensors

  • Compatibility with two binary and 0-10 V sensors
  • Built-in temperature sensor
  • Support for up to 6 digital Dallas DS18B20 temperature sensors or one DHT-22 temperature and humidity sensor
Smart Implant

The intelligence of your appliances contained in just one box

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