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DIY Home Assistant Kit

DIY Home Assistant Kit

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DIY Home Assistant Kit: HA Green + Zigbee USB + Zigbee Plug, Zigbee multi-purpose sensor, 4 x Zigbee RGBW downlights, 1 x Zigbee Blind Motor, Switchbot Lock

Introducing the Ultimate DIY Home Assistant Kit: Empower Your Smart Living!

Upgrade your home to the next level of intelligence with our exclusive DIY Home Assistant Kit. Whether you're a seasoned smart home enthusiast or just getting started, this comprehensive kit combines cutting-edge technology with ease of use, bringing you a seamless and customized smart living experience.

Kit Components:

  1. 1x HA Green - Your Home Assistant Hub:

    • Power up your smart home with the brains of the operation. HA Green serves as your central hub, seamlessly connecting all devices for unified control.
  2. 1x Zigbee USB Stick:

    • Elevate your home automation capabilities with the Zigbee USB Stick. Effortlessly integrate Zigbee devices into your network, expanding your smart home ecosystem.
  3. 1x Zigbee Plug:

    • Take control of your appliances with the Zigbee Plug. Turn any device into a smart device, remotely managing power consumption and creating custom automation scenarios.
  4. 1x Oz Smart Zigbee Door Sensor:

    • Elevate home security with seamless connectivity and real-time alerts for every entry point
  5. 4 x Zigbee RGBW Downlights:

    • Transform your living spaces with vibrant lighting. The Zigbee RGBW Downlights offer a spectrum of colors, customizable to your mood and preferences, all effortlessly managed through your Home Assistant.
  6. 1 x Zigbee Blind Motor:

    • Experience the convenience of automated blinds with the Zigbee Blind Motor. Effortlessly control natural light and privacy levels with just a tap on your smart device.
  7. 1x SwitchBot Lock:

    • Elevate home security with the SwitchBot Lock. Grant keyless entry, monitor access, and ensure peace of mind with this sleek and secure smart lock.
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