Price Beat Guarantee

Price Beat Guarantee

At Oz Smart Things, we guarantee that you are getting the best price for your order.

Our Price Beat Guarantee (PBG) means that if you find a lower priced identical stocked item that's in stock with a competitor (even if it's on sale), we will not only match it, we'll beat it by 5%.

Don’t forget our price guarantee excludes the items listed below under the heading “What items are excluded from the PBG?”.


How do I obtain the 5% reduction?

Send us the quote that we need to beat via email to

  1. Record the price

This can be a catalogue clipping, screenshot on your phone, webpage or similar.

  1. Match and Save

Once approved, we’ll give you 5% off the matched price.


What items does the 5% reduction apply to?

Our guarantee applies to all identical products and services that are:

  • Stocked at Oz Smart Things
  • In stock at our online competitor; and
  • Not excluded from the PBG (see below).


What is excluded from the Price Beat Guarantee?

  • Cashback and coupon offers (i.e. supplier cashback or reduced price available via paper coupon or electronic codeword)
  • Commercial quantities and pricing (i.e. a reduced price not available to the public and including wholesale or trade.)
  • Stock liquidations (i.e. competitor clearance products or goods sold by a business placed into receivership)
  • We reserve the right to limit sales to reasonable retail quantities.
  • The seller must be a online-only Australian Company operating within Australia