What are top 5 smart home products in Australia?

What are top 5 smart home products in Australia?

Our Top Home Automation Products For 2018 are:

Soma Smart Shades:

This device changes your standard blinds into Smart Blinds, Using the existing cord from your blind insert into the device stick the device to the wall, complete the steps on the app and then you can set schedules or control via Google home, Alexa or HomeKit. It's even solar powered!!

Neo Figure Print Door Lock:

Super sexy looks and allows you to easily manage access to smart locks to multiple guests and multiple locks. Set access for a certain timeframe for staff or periodic access for a complete self-check-in solution for your guests

Vera Edge Home Hub:

With the VERA Edge Home Controller, where affordabilty meets functionality, you can do anything today's most advanced smart homes can do. This Z-Wave gateway allows you to control your smart home devices from a mobile device or computer. It lets you schedule events based on motion, time of day and light intensity triggers. You will also be able to save your favourite temperature or lighting settings and apply them with one click anytime.

Aeotec Muti Sensor 6:

The most complete sensor on the market for full room monitoring. 6-in-1 Monitors motion, temperature, light LUX, humidity, seismic vibrations and UV light.

HIK Vision Ip Camera:

The HiWatch Outdoor Dome IP Camera offers a 1920x1080p resolution view at 25fps with dual stream capabilities (H.264). It can produce an IR view up to 30m allowing for reliable night time monitoring. Easy to setup and a good price for what you get.


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