Oz Remote Blinds Starter Guide

Oz Remote Blinds Starter Guide

On this page you will find a Manual to install your new Oz Remote Blinds and a fault finding guide

To access the manual on how to install your new Oz Remote Blinds, click the link below:


To change the direction of the motor:
Click here to see the guide on how to connect the Remote blinds with the Broadlink RM Pro to enable app control and to use with Google Home, Alexa and Siri Shortcuts. 


Attention Points:

The weight of the blinds that the motor has to pull is affected by several factors:
1. the length and the width of the blinds
2. the material of the blinds
3. how the blinds are installed (brackets being too tight may cause extra tension)
4. the blind type (roller blinds will be heavier than blinds that run in a track)
If the motor is not able to lift the blinds when the blinds are in the lowest position then you will need to use a spring assisted device.

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Hey guys, just chasing some advice, brought a house with all these on the windows, I had to factory reset them, I’ve set all the highest and is working perfectly through the motor. Was just wondering out to sync the remote that comes with it. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks in advance

Adam Mitchell

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