Advanced Help How to Connect the Broadlink RM Pro with the Oz Smart Blinds?

Advanced Help How to Connect the Broadlink RM Pro with the Oz Smart Blinds?

How to Control your Oz Smart Blinds with the RM Pro? 


First, you will need to download the Broadlink app from the Apps store or Google Play

Broadlink app for smart home

Firstly you will need to add your Universal remote (Rm Pro) by going to the + button in the top right and then following the instructions.

Once installed click on the universal remote, then at the bottom of the page, you will see add appliance.

Then select Door

If you have the remote you can use the RM Pro to learn the existing codes from them remotes to operate. If you do not have the remote then you can go to the user library and search Oz Smart Blinds.

Once you have the codes then you can pair the code to the Oz Smart Blind by following the instruction on how to pair the remote with the blinds.

Note: The remote Frequency is 433.92mHz

Follow the instructions below to pair the broadlink app with Google home.


1) The Blinds Only operate sometimes when they are triggered in the Broadlink app: 
When learning the remote codes press the control buttons for longer (a few seconds) while Training the BroadLink. If you only tap the button on the remote it does not learn the codes properly. 
2) The Broadlink will not learn the remote codes:
Check that the unit is running the latest firmware from the setting section. 
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Tried these instructions and tried both profiles, but still there’s no response from the Oz Smart Blind device. I can confirm the Broadlink is broadcasting each of the commands by the orange LED.

Leo Valaris

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