Transform Your Home into a Smart Haven with SwitchBot Hub 2 and Smart Buttons

Transform Your Home into a Smart Haven with SwitchBot Hub 2 and Smart Buttons

Are you tired of dealing with multiple devices and appliances when trying to leave the house in a rush? Well, SwitchBot Hub 2 is here to transform your old air conditioner, old TV, and old ceiling fans into smart home appliances with ease!

Not only can it link SwitchBot devices like SwitchBot Bot, SwitchBot Lock, and SwitchBot Pan/Tilt Cam together, but you can also use voice commands to control them. Just say “Alexa, turn off the lights,” and your lights will turn off automatically. You can even control your air conditioner with your Apple Watch.

But what about those who don’t frequently use phones or smart speakers, like children or the elderly? That’s where the SwitchBot Hub 2 smart buttons come in. With no complicated steps or need to wait for confirmation, just a simple touch can turn off the lights, TV, and air conditioner all at once. Say goodbye to chaotic mornings with our Leave Home scenario, where you can press the smart buttons by the entrance of your home to turn off your air conditioner and lights before leaving.

Looking for some tips for a better workday? The SwitchBot Hub 2 smart buttons can help you create the most comfortable home environment before work in just seconds. Just tap once to turn on your desk lamp, air conditioner, and even your aroma diffuser with a smart plug. Want to relax after a long day? Press the “Smart Buttons” on the coffee table and turn your home into a movie theater with the SwitchBot Curtain, ceiling light, and projector.

Getting ready for bed has never been easier. Use the smart buttons on your SwitchBot Hub 2 placed on the bedside table to turn off the lights, close the curtains, and even turn on the air conditioning all at once. It can even automatically adjust the air conditioning according to the temperature change during the night, creating a comfortable sleeping environment for you.

Setting up the SwitchBot Hub 2 smart buttons is surprisingly simple. Just enter your Hub 2 settings page and select smart button settings, manually set your scene and select the necessary smart devices and products needed, and then select your manually created scene on the smart buttons selection page. It’s that easy!

There are many convenient ways to use the SwitchBot Hub 2 smart buttons, from making your morning routine easier to creating a better atmosphere while playing games. What’s your favourite scene? Let us know!

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