Compatible Products with FIBARO

Compatible Products with FIBARO

What Smart Home Products are supported by Fibaro?

After our news regarding the Vbell intercom not being compatible with the new Fibaro intercom APP, there were concerns from many of you regarding FIBARO's compatibility with other products. This is a big topic in Home Automation as that is one of the biggest frustrations if you have a product that is not supported by your controller.

Firstly I will mention that  FIBARO is a leading brand in the global smart home market. Their products are regarded as 'best of class' in most cases.

FIBARO has a huge list of more than 1200 Devices that it directly integrated into its system You can follow the link below for the full list.

When it comes to supporting third-party products and solutions in general, FIBARO created – a special platform where FIBARO encourage users to create their own FIBARO system integrations for third-party products and solutions. So users can integrate devices themselves.

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FIBARO is constantly adding new integrations with third-party devices, which is a good sign that the FIBARO system is open and can be expanded not only for FIBARO products, but also third-party devices.

FIBARO also works with IFTTT, which is an easy and free way for apps and devices to be working together so users can use FIBARO devices in applets, both via a browser interface and mobile app.


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