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Oz Smart Things

Oz Zigbee Smart Blind Motor

Oz Zigbee Smart Blind Motor

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Smart blinds make your life easier

Now with included Solar Panel for self-charging

Our New Zigbee Smart Blind Motor, the power of control is literally in your hands; either via remote or through your phone. But of course, we understand if you’d rather talk to your blinds instead. So you can make connections to several popular voice-controlled smart home devices via the app as well. Once everything is up and running, you can control your blinds as you wish, without having to move a single inch.

Do you like to plan ahead and prefer automated functions? Do you know when you prefer sunlight, or want a complete black-out? If so, you’re going to love using automation based on timer when using the app. Set it so that the curtains roll down in the bedroom when it's time to sleep. And up in the living room when it's time to let the daylight in. This is a great way to get some extra help around the house, wouldn’t you say?

- Voice control by Alexa / Google Home/ Siri when connected to the Zigbee Hub

- Control your blind anytime (When connected to Zigbee hub)

- Show battery level in the app, so that can check the battery all time, with high capacity 3000mAh battery.

- Can set schedules in APP, so that the driver working in daily / weekly/ monthly. Set a group in the app, then control multiple blinds altogether. 

- Percentage Remote Control With 25%, 50% 75% control button on remote.

Motor size: 177mm x 40mm

User Manual

Tested with the following Zigbee Controllers:

SmartThings / Aeotec Hub ✔️ ( Device Handler Click Here )

ZemiSmart Homekit Hub✔️

ConBee II Zigbee ✔️

Tuya Zigbee ✔️



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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Great Customer Service

    These guys have the best customer service you could find, they are helpful and very reasonable, I cant recommend them enough, Especially Michael :-) Great guy!

    Good Customer Service

    This review is more for Oz Smart Things. These guys have the best customer service you could find, they are helpful and very reasonable, I cant recommend them enough, Especially Michael :-) Great guy!

    Good, with some gotchas

    Overall am happy with the unit. It is not expensive, easy to install, comes with multiple wheels to suit different chains, and the kit I got came with both a dedicated remote as well as solar panel. I did find that it was operating the wrong way for me (eg pressing up would bring the blind down), but simply twisting the chain fixed that. It can use the standard Tuya Smart Life app apparently, but I just connected it to my Home Assistant server using a Sonoff zigbee dongle - the only minor issue there is that it currently does not show the battery level.

    Some things to be aware of - although the motor has plenty of power, I found that with a long chain/heavy blind the motor would pop out of the base a notch and lose tension making the chain slip. I had to put something on top of the motor to stop it from moving. With a chain that is not geared, every cm the chain moves the blind moves a cm. This means that if the chain is shorter than the blind - which is usual - then if the chain uses a clip to join then that clip will go through the motor gear and potentially slip (and muck up the top/bottom settings) *or* you have to set the blind to not fully open/close *or* you need to make a chain that is longer than the window and put the motor lower than where the blind stops which can be a challenge if the blind goes to the ground *or* you need to remove the joiner and - if metal beads - work out how to split a bead open to join the chain without a clip. The remote is a nice option, but it sometimes seems to ignore commands. The solar panel is also a nice option, but is big so pretty difficult to hide plus it is unclear exactly how much of a charge the panel will provide - I suspect the battery will still need to be charged separately if not as frequently. The motor is quiet but not fast, but part of that is no doubt due to gearing to provide more pulling power - so I can live with that. It has a protective circuit where if the chain jams the motor stops and then beeps at you if you try to do anything - to fix you need to turn it off/on again. It also beeps when the battery goes low. The motor is also not small, so it is good if you want to quickly automate a blind, but if you want discrete then a unit that replaces the roller itself is probably a better idea, although more expensive.

    Matthew Warren
    Good but not great

    For my particular set up with full width blinds fitted internal to the window frame and the pull cord on the right hand side of the window, these automatic blinds are not ideal for two reasons.

    1. The angle of the pull cord constantly pulls the beaded chain off the drive wheel. This causes the chain to get caught between the shaft and the drive wheel. The other drive wheels with guides for the beaded chain on either side don’t have the correct spacing and are noisy. This could have been fixed by having the drive wheel as close to the window frame and creating a direct pull to the drive wheel, or just have a drive wheel with guides on both sides.

    2. The second problem is that with my set up the motor needs to run in reverse (up is down etc). This can be reversed in the app but when you go through a hub, it’s all backwards in HomeKit. So to open a windows you need to ask Siri to close it.


    It certainly works but sometimes the controllet doesn't do anything but beep