Will a Smart Lock Void Your Home Insurance? What You Need to Know

Will a Smart Lock Void Your Home Insurance? What You Need to Know

In our digitally evolving landscape, smart locks have become vital to modern home security. These innovative devices raise a crucial query for homeowners: Does installing a smart lock impact home insurance coverage? We've delved into information from several insurance companies to provide clarity on this matter.

QBE: A Green Light for Smart Locks

QBE, a renowned insurance provider, endorses smart locks. Their approach indicates that installing smart locks does not affect insurance coverage, reflecting a positive stance on this technology. For more information, visit QBE's official website.

Allianz: Pragmatic Approval

Allianz offers a pragmatic view on smart locks, generally accepting them under specific conditions. Their policy accommodates smart locks if certain insurance sum limits are observed. Learn more at Allianz's website.

Honey: Insurance Friendly Smart Locks

Honey reassures homeowners that smart locks are compatible with their insurance policies. This reflects the growing trend of integrating advanced technologies into home insurance. For details, check out Honey's website.

GIO: Premium Properties, Stricter Requirements

GIO sets specific criteria for high-value properties, emphasizing the importance of comprehensive security measures. While they don't directly mention smart locks, their guidelines suggest an inclination towards robust security solutions. Visit GIO's website for more information.

AAMI: Smart Locks Welcome

AAMI, a key Australian insurance player, confirms that smart locks do not lead to exclusions in their policies. This open acceptance reflects a broad industry perspective. More information can be found on AAMI's website.

NRMA: No Red Flags for Smart Locks

NRMA does not have a specific policy on smart locks but implies that they are unlikely to void insurance coverage. This aligns with the industry's overall positive view of smart locks in home security. For further details, visit NRMA's website.


In summary, most insurance companies view smart locks as a compatible and beneficial addition to home insurance policies, under certain conditions. Homeowners should consult their providers for specific details.

Considering a smart lock? View it as a component of a broader security plan, complementing other measures for comprehensive protection. This approach ensures that your smart lock not only bolsters your security but does so in sync with your home insurance coverage. Explore our range of smart locks here.

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