Why do you need a Humidity Sensor?

Why do you need a Humidity Sensor?

Humidity sensor uses for mold reduction using smart home z-wave automation

When we run the dryer at home, my wife leaves the ranch slider open as to avoid steaming up the laundry, which is fine, so long as someone remembers to close it when leaving the house…..which is not always the case. Much the same goes in the bathroom, my 9-year-old son, more often than not, forgets to turn on the extractor fan when having his 15min shower, this often leads to mould and run mark down the walls. By now it should be very clear where I’m going with all this. The Philio Z-Wave humidity/temperature sensor (p/n DHS-SNS-SM-PHI), worth less than $70inc RRP, is a wireless solution to put an end to these problems. Also, a single or twin switch will be required for an extractor fan. We recommend you mount the sensor very close to the ceiling and within ~50cm of the shower screen. As the sensor is only 95mm x 28mm, it won’t take up much space. In your gateway, the humidity will be represented as a percentage. Experimenting with this will probably land you somewhere around 65% to 70%. From here, setting up a scene is pretty straightforward.

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Humidity Z-wave sensor for Smart home automation

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