Setting Up 2-Way and 3-Way Switching with Zigbee Wall Switches in Australia

Setting Up 2-Way and 3-Way Switching with Zigbee Wall Switches in Australia

Creating a smart home environment in Australia, particularly with the advanced control of lighting, involves integrating 2-way or 3-way switching with Zigbee wall switches. This setup enhances convenience, safety, and energy efficiency, allowing for multiple switches to control the same light source. This guide will take you through the process of installing and setting up 2-way or 3-way switching with Zigbee switches, focusing on automation using the Tuya or SmartLife app, and configuration in Home Assistant, with a specific note on Australian regulations regarding electrical work.

Understanding 2-Way and 3-Way Switching

  • 2-Way Switching enables control of a single light from two locations, ideal for rooms with two entry points or long corridors.

  • 3-Way Switching expands this to allow three or more switches to manage a single light, perfect for larger spaces or multi-level homes.

Zigbee switches are widely chosen for such configurations due to their efficient power use, reliability, and broad smart home ecosystem compatibility.

Installation of Zigbee Switches

Important Note for Australia

In Australia, it's mandatory to hire a licensed electrician for any electrical installations or modifications, including the installation of Zigbee wall switches. This ensures that all work is compliant with the Australian Standards AS/NZS 3000 (Wiring Rules), ensuring safety and functionality.

Initial Setup

  1. Professional Installation: Contact a licensed electrician to replace your conventional light switches with Zigbee ones. They will handle the safe integration into your home's electrical system.
  2. Connect to Zigbee Hub: After installation, pair your switches with your Zigbee hub (compatible with Tuya, SmartLife, etc.) by following the pairing instructions, typically involving a button on the switch and app-guided steps.

Configuration in Tuya or SmartLife App

For automation within the Tuya or SmartLife platforms:

  1. Launch the App: Open your Tuya or SmartLife app.
  2. Device Addition: Make sure your Zigbee hub is set up in the app. Add your Zigbee switches by tapping ‘Add Device’ and selecting the right options.
  3. Grouping for 3-Way Switching: To configure 3-way switching, group the controlling switches by choosing ‘Create Group’ and adding the switches to this group.
  4. Automation Setup: Go to the 'Smart' or 'Automation' tab.
    • For 2-Way Switching: Create an automation rule that if one switch is turned on or off, the other switch follows suit.
    • For 3-Way Switching: Set up each switch in the group to mirror the on/off actions of the others.

Automation Flow Examples

  • If Switch 1 is ON, then Switch 2 turns ON (and vice versa).
  • If Switch 1 is OFF, then Switch 2 turns OFF (and vice versa).

These rules ensure that no matter which switch is operated, the light(s) they control will reflect the desired state.

Setting Up in Home Assistant

For integration with Home Assistant:

  1. Hub Integration: Make sure your Zigbee hub is connected with Home Assistant, which might involve an add-on or a custom component.
  2. Device Discovery: Your switches should appear in Home Assistant once the hub is connected. If not, manually trigger a device search.
  3. Create Automations:
    • Navigate to ‘Configuration’ -> ‘Automations’.
    • Set up a new automation for each desired action (switch on and off).
    • Utilize a ‘State Trigger’ to respond to changes in switch states, with an ‘Action’ to adjust the states of the corresponding switches accordingly.

Automation Flow Examples in Home Assistant

  • Trigger: When Switch 1 state changes to ON.
    • Action: Set Switch 2 state to ON.
  • Trigger: When Switch 1 state changes to OFF.
    • Action: Set Switch 2 state to OFF.

And similar rules for any additional switches involved in a 3-way configuration.


With the right Zigbee switches and professional installation, setting up 2-way or 3-way switching in an Australian home can significantly enhance your smart lighting capabilities. Whether you're configuring through Tuya, SmartLife, or Home Assistant, these steps will guide you towards a seamless smart home integration. Remember, safety first: always work with a licensed electrician for any electrical installations in Australia. Enjoy your advanced, automated lighting control!

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