Portable GPS Trackers

Portable GPS Trackers

Starter Guide

To access the guide to the following GPS tracker models: 

  • Tracking Device 20000mah
  • 4G Tracking Device 20000mah
  • GPS Tracker 10000mah
  • 4G Car Tracker

Click the link below and follow the steps to get the device up and running.


Portable GPS Tracker Guide 



Q: Did the start up fail?
A: Check if the battery charge is full or not.

Q: The device cannot obtain location information?
A: Make sure the device is in an open area or near a window to test.

Q: How to choose a SIM card?
A: We recommend Amaysim. The SIM card must support GSM&LTE /GPRS. Make sure the card has credit and that it is NOT data only.

Q: Not able to get the device working?
A: Follow the guide below or reach out to us via email. 

Q: Why is my device is not showing the correct location?
A: Check when it is giving the location if it shows the location type as GPS (very accurate) or LBS (not accurate).
If the device is inside a building where no GPS signal is available it will use LBS to try to determine its location.
If you go to history you can filter LBS so it will only show the GPS Location.



Please comply with the instructions to extend the unit life:
1. Keep the unit dry. Any liquid, i.e. rain, moisture, may destroy or damage the inside circuitry.

2. Don’t put the unit in overheated or over cooled places.

3. Don’t disassemble or refit the unit.

4. Please use the battery and charger provided by manufacturer. Using other batteries and chargers can cause problems.

Features and Fault Finding

The location is not accurate
When checking the location please check if it is GPS (very accurate) or LBS (not accurate)
If GPS is not available then it will use LBS to try to determine its location for example when the device is inside a building. 

Power saving mode (Portable trackers) 

To save power we suggest using the sleep based on vibration, this means if the device is not moving then it will go to sleep. 

Vibration sensitivity  (how to use) 

The default is vib1,3 0 off, 1 on 3 is the time of continuous vibration, in seconds, the range of sensitivity is 1-9 (1 being the most sensitive)

Listen and talk (3g models only)

Once you have activated then you can call the device and it will automatically answer the call and you will be able to hear. The device doesn't ring or anything as it does not have a speaker.

To save battery you can increase the upload frequency.

As standard, it will report it location every 30 seconds. You can increase this from the commands section of the app. The value is in seconds so if you want 10 mins input 600. You can also send the command "sleep based on vibration" This means if the device is not moving then it will go to sleep. 

Send this commands to disable the live tracking:


When you want to know the location of the device simply send the message by SMS to the device phone number: where

The tracker is sometimes not updating on the map but is showing corectly when I SMS message the device

You may need to increase the vibration sensitivity.
 wake up by shock (default is 3) 
Instruction: vibxyz+123456,t,x,y,z 
Default: vibxyz:t=0,x=3,y=3,z =3 
Default Command: vibxyz123456,0,3,3,3 
New Command: vibxyz123456,0,1,1,1 
Explanation: t is time 0-9, xyz is three-axis variation 1-9,


Resetting the GPS Tracker

Send the following messages one by one by SMS, wait for the device to reply.
apn123456 internet

GPS Tracker APN Settings:

Telstra: apn123456 telstra.iph

Vodafone: apn123456 live.vodafone.com

Optus: apn123456 yesinternet

Amaysim (preset): apn123456 internet

Aldi: apn123456 mdata.net.au

The App is not showing Google Maps

Firstly, if the device is showing in China, this is because that was the last know location from when they did a Quality Assurance test at the factory. To obtain the device location place the device near a window so that it receives GPS signal and then it will update its location. 

When you activate the app you need to give the app permission to access your location, when you do this then the app will automatically select Google maps. To select this manually log out of the app then when in the login screen select the globe in the top right-hand corner then select Google maps. 

GPS Tracker Sim Card Fault Finding

Have you activated the sim card and inserted into the device? Does the sim have available credit not data only? What network are you using? Can you put the sim card in a phone and check it can make and receive calls SMS and has an internet connection?

When you call does it:
A) Go straight to answer phone? This mean the device is either turned off, not in a service area or the sim card is not inserted properly

B) Rings once then goes straight to answerphone? This mean the device is turned on and working but you may not have an available credit on the device. Remember the sim has to be not data only, it must have credit available for calls, SMS and data.

C) It says the person is unavailable or the service is disconnected? This means that the sim has not been activated properly. Please try in a phone and check that it can make and receive calls.

The Device is sending Alerts all the time

If you are receiving through the app this is because you have "Armed" the device to act as a car alarm. You will need to "Disarm" by going to the command section of the app. If you are receiving SMS or Calls and wish them to stop send the following message by SMS to the phone number of the sim that is in the device: admin123456

The Geofence has stopped giving alerts

It may be due to your phone settings. Did you try to delete the app then set the geofence again?
It can be done via SMS but you have to manually input the coordinates.
Geo-fence: stockade+123456+space+long,lat;long,lat 
Reply: stockade ok 
Example:  stockade123456 114.116500E,22.600000N;114.1 17000E,22.650000N 

Full command list. Only For Advanced Users.

3G Devices

4G Devices 


What is the "Dismantle remind" notification I am receiving?

There is a light sensor on the device and if it detect any light it will assume that the device has been removed from the surface it was attached to. I would double-check that there is no light getting to it as it is very sensitive. If you wish to disable the alert the send this SMS to the sim card that is in the device: sos0

LKGPS App Commands

Arm/disarm: Works like a car alarm. If the device moves, feels vibration or any event it will send you an alarm to you mobile phone in the form of a push notification. If you have the master number set then it will also sms and call you. The device itself with make no sound.
Master number: Set your mobile phone number to receive SMS and Call alerts
Upload frequency: how often the device will send its location to the app. Default is 30 seconds. You can increase this to extend battery life
Sleep based on Vibration: when this is enabled the device will turn itself off when no vibration is detected. This will help extend the battery if the device is parked. The device will be offline when the vehicle is parked. 
Vibration sensitivity: this is adjustable. The default for x y and z is 3. 1 is the most sensitive and 9 is the least. This can be adjusted if the device is sleeping while the vehicle is moving when utilizing the sleep based on vibration command. 
Take off alarm: the device has a light sensor on the underneath. When this function is enabled then if the device is removed and the sensor detects light then it will send a take off alarm 
Listen and Talk: disabled

Is the tracker still not live on the software?

If not, send me the phone number of the sim that is in the device, turn it on and tell which network you are using. 

I will then remotely communicate with the device and get it online for you. 

We will get this resolved ASAP for you. Can you please turn on the device, leave beside a window and the charger. Then send us the mobile number of sim that is in the device, The network you are using and the IMEI number that is printed on the device. We will do some remote diagnostics and get back to you.

Please send all information to info@ozsmartthings.com.au

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Cannot get off this page on the app and is not Tracking
Sim is Telstra 0439240380.
Sim appears to be working and active active.
App is showing map of Australia and correct location here


Same problem set up ok will not give me a location when texting and still in China on app

Steven khallouf

I have done all these things and still not working

Steven khallouf

I think I have seen too many commands of lost the unit. No response at all for any demand for begin GP ocean. All that stuff I will not give me a location some could help me that would be great
Device sim number 0403895045
Iemi 4900115349. / lk900b
Apn amaysim internet
It’s under a vecle and can’t locate it it was working fine up to last nite everything was working till l don’t no WhT l have done battery at 80%


Hi I’m having trouble with getting my gps online it seem to work off line but not logging on to the software when I do param1 I’m not getting back an IP address, so I have entered in szcs,123456,domain= and i get a sms message with nothing on it.
IMIE: 4900114041
PH: 0422742693
APN: apn123456
lkgps.net pwd; 5656
Thank you James

James Fitzgerald

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