Oz Smart Things Hack: How to Use Sensibo Sky Device to Control Mould in Your Aussie Home

Oz Smart Things Hack: How to Use Sensibo Sky Device to Control Mould in Your Aussie Home

Combatting mould in Australian homes can be a tough battle, especially in our diverse climates. However, technology comes to the rescue with the Sensibo Sky device, a smart solution available at Oz Smart Things. This blog post will explore how Sensibo Sky can automatically control your home's humidity, helping you keep mould at bay.

What is Sensibo Sky?

The Sensibo Sky is a smart air conditioning controller, a must-have for modern Australian homes. It allows you to turn any regular air conditioner into a smart, automated system. You can control your air conditioning from anywhere via a mobile app, thanks to its Wi-Fi connectivity. 

The Challenge of Mould in Australian Homes

Mould is a widespread issue in Australian homes, thriving in areas with high humidity. Whether you're in a humid coastal area or a drier inland region, indoor activities can lead to increased humidity and, consequently, mould growth. Sensibo Sky can effectively manage this by monitoring indoor humidity and activating your air conditioner's Dry Mode when necessary.

Setting Up Sensibo Sky for Mould Control

  1. Install Sensibo Sky: Place your Sensibo Sky in an area where humidity control is essential. It easily connects to most air conditioning units and can be found at Oz Smart Things.

  2. Download the Sensibo App: This app acts as your control center, providing real-time data on your home's temperature and humidity levels.

  3. Automate Your Humidity Management: Set desired humidity thresholds in the app. Once these levels are exceeded, Sensibo Sky will automatically activate your air conditioner's Dry Mode.

  4. Monitor and Adjust As Needed: Given Australia's varied climate, it's important to regularly check and adjust your settings through the Sensibo app.

Benefits for Aussie Homeowners

  • Automated Mould Prevention: Automatically manages indoor humidity, reducing the risk of mould growth.
  • Energy Efficiency: Runs your air conditioning only when needed, saving energy.
  • Healthier Living: Reduces potential health hazards associated with mould.
  • Ease of Use: Offers convenience and ease of monitoring through its user-friendly app.


The Sensibo Sky, available at Oz Smart Things, is an excellent solution for Australian homeowners looking to combat mould. It's a smart step toward maintaining a healthy and comfortable home environment. Remember, while technology like Sensibo Sky is effective, complementing it with regular home maintenance is also crucial. For more information on humidity control and mould prevention, visit this comprehensive guide.

Enjoy a healthier, mould-free home with Sensibo Sky!

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