Make It Easier: 8 Helpful Gadgets for Around the House

Make It Easier: 8 Helpful Gadgets for Around the House

Back in the 1960s, the cartoon The Jetsons imagined what future life would be like with video phone calls, food at the press of a button, and robotic assistants. Now in the 2020s, we can see that The Jetsons were not too far off. There is plenty of advanced technology that makes modern life more effortless. 

From security systems to temperature control, here are a few helpful gadgets you can try out in your home:

  1. Home Assistants

These handy little devices have boomed in popularity in the last decade alone. From Siri on your iPhone to Alexa in your kitchen, digital personal assistants have changed the way people interact with their devices. 

  1. Smart Speakers

These often go hand-in-hand with the home assistants. Listen to music, receive cooking instructions, and even call people through these smart speakers set up in your home. Certain third-party speakers even have cross-platform compatibility, easily connecting to different devices and rooms regardless of which tech company you prefer.

  1. Wifi Switches

In fact, with a Shelly 1 Wifi Switch from Oz Smart Things, you can connect any existing device to the internet with a little bit of wiring. Through this process, you do not need to buy some of the more expensive smart devices. You will still be able to activate your existing electronics either from your phone or through compatibility with personal assistants like Alexa or Google Home. A handy gadget like this will help with connecting your phone to the other devices on this list.

  1. Smart Windows

This might seem like the most futuristic gadget on the list, but you can actually upgrade the windows on your house. Improve natural light and flow, and privacy by installing smart windows. Go a step beyond having windows with internal blinds by adding windows that automatically frost over with the press of a button. Keep prying eyes out and stay secure in your private moments.

  1. Security Systems

It has never been easier to keep your home safe from unwanted intruders. There are many DIY home security systems and security cameras that you can set up over a weekend. Products like SimpliSafe Home Security monitor the doors and windows of your home and alert you when an unexpected threat occurs in your home, from break-ins to floods and fires. Plus, you can follow everything remotely from your smartphone.

  1. Smart Locks

Never worry about whether or not you remember to lock your front door again by installing smart locks. There are plenty of options to choose from. You could ditch the standard key for a digit-based keypad. You could even go wireless with a wifi enabled lock that you can activate and monitor from your phone.

  1. Improved Digital Thermostat

Simple, sleek, and practical digital thermostats allow you to control the temperature throughout your home more efficiently than ever before. A Nest Programmable Thermostat connects all of your home’s heating and cooling elements right to your phone. With certain presets, you can even make your thermostat voice-activated, making it and handy device for nights snuggled on the couch. 

  1. Smart Temperature Monitoring

For an upgrade to your digital thermostat, considering pairing it with the Shelly Humidity & Temperature Sensor. You can track the temperature and levels of moisture in the air, and this device will automatically adjust your heaters and humidifiers to produce the ideal environment in your home. 

It is nice to live in a time where technology can make our lives so much easier. Beyond these gadgets, there are smart vacuums, smart lawn mowers, smart ovens, smart gym equipment, and so much more. Try out any of these tools today, and you will take your home and your family into the future.

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Jennifer Bell is a freelance writer, blogger, dog-enthusiast, and avid beachgoer operating out of Southern New Jersey.

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