Introducing The New Shelly Cloud App - Upgrade Now!

Introducing The New Shelly Cloud App - Upgrade Now!

Discover Shelly Smart Control app!

Our brand new app is here! Based on your valuable feedback, we've been working hard to create an app that not only meets but exceeds your expectations in terms of user experience and design.
Enjoy intuitive UX design, customize your dashboards and stay on top of your electricity bills with detailed consumption reports and electricity tariff.
You don't need to worry about losing your current settings & data-
as soon as you download the new app, your account information will be accessible from Shelly Smart Control.
Control all of your Shelly devices at once with just a click on your phone!
Download now:


Save time with new customizable dashboards

Create multiple dashboards for quick access to your preferred devices, rooms, and scenes. Control the devices in each of your dashboards as a group or individually.



Make your home energy efficient

Get a detailed view of your overall and current energy usage, along with your consumption by appliance type or individual device. Analyze your energy consumption habits to make your home more energy efficient. 


Get on top of your electricity bills 
Input your electricity day and night tariff, and schedule your appliances to automatically turn on at the lowest tariff to reduce your monthly bills. 



"Talks" with Alexa 

 Shelly Smart Control is natively compatible with Amazon Alexa! Enable the “Shelly” skill in Alexa and effortlessly add your devices to control them by just using your voice.

...and much more!

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