Integrating MyPlace from Advantage Air with HOOBS to Control from Apple Homekit!

Integrating MyPlace from Advantage Air with HOOBS to Control from Apple Homekit!

MyPlace from Advantage Air and HOOBS (Homebridge Out Of Box System) stand out for their unique features and integration capabilities.

In this blog post, we'll explore what MyPlace from Advantage Air is, and dive into how using HOOBS can integrate it with HomeKit and other smart home devices, enhancing your smart home ecosystem.

What is MyPlace from Advantage Air?

MyPlace is an advanced smart home system developed by Advantage Air, an Australian company specializing in home automation and air conditioning systems. MyPlace allows users to control various aspects of their home environment, including air conditioning, lighting, and other electronic devices, all from a centralized interface or a mobile application. The system is designed to offer convenience, energy efficiency, and improved home comfort by allowing users to tailor their living environment to their preferences.

The Role of HOOBS in Smart Home Integration

While MyPlace offers a comprehensive solution for controlling your home environment, integrating it with other smart home systems can expand its capabilities even further. This is where HOOBS comes into play. HOOBS is a powerful platform that simplifies the process of integrating various smart home devices and systems with Apple's HomeKit. It acts as a bridge, enabling devices that aren't natively supported by HomeKit to work seamlessly within the HomeKit ecosystem. By using HOOBS, you can control all your smart home devices, including those from MyPlace, using Apple's Home app or voice commands through Siri.

How to Integrate MyPlace with HOOBS

Integrating MyPlace with HOOBS involves a few steps but is straightforward thanks to HOOBS' user-friendly interface. Here's a simplified process:

  1. Set Up HOOBS: Start by setting up your HOOBS device. Connect it to your home network and complete the initial configuration through the HOOBS web interface.
  2. Install MyPlace Plugin: Search for the MyPlace plugin in the HOOBS plugin store and install it. This plugin is specifically designed to integrate MyPlace systems with HomeKit.
  3. Configure the Plugin: Enter the necessary configuration details for your MyPlace system. This typically includes your MyPlace system's IP address and any required authentication details.
  4. Enjoy Integrated Control: Once configured, your MyPlace devices will appear in the Home app on your iOS devices. You can now control your MyPlace system along with other HomeKit-compatible devices from a single interface.

Benefits of Integrating MyPlace with HOOBS

Integrating MyPlace with HOOBS and HomeKit offers several benefits, including:

  • Unified Control: Manage your MyPlace system and other smart home devices using the Home app or voice commands with Siri, offering a convenient and centralized control point.
  • Enhanced Automation: Create more complex automations and scenes by incorporating MyPlace functions with other HomeKit-enabled devices. For example, you can have your lights turn off and air conditioning adjust when you leave home.
  • Increased Accessibility: Control your home environment remotely from your iOS devices, providing increased accessibility and peace of mind.
  • Improved Security: HomeKit's secure framework adds an extra layer of security to your smart home devices, ensuring that your home automation is safe from unauthorized access.


MyPlace from Advantage Air provides a robust foundation for smart home automation, especially in controlling your home's climate and lighting. By integrating MyPlace with HOOBS, you can bridge the gap between MyPlace and HomeKit, bringing about a more connected, efficient, and user-friendly smart home experience. Whether you're looking to simplify your daily routines, enhance home security, or improve energy efficiency, the combination of MyPlace and HOOBS offers a compelling solution for elevating your smart home ecosystem.

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