How to use the Fibaro UBS to Monitor your alarm system

How to use the Fibaro UBS to Monitor your alarm system

The Universal Binary Sensor from Fibaro can be used to give feedback from Alarm Systems. Use a dry contact to remotely arm the same system.

The first stage in this process is to check if your alarm system has the capabilities to change a zone into a key switch. This will allow you to arm the alarm remotely using a dry contact. See below for the example using the Ness DX8 Alarm:


If you have the unit above already connected to your existing system then that will give you the available connections to give feedback of when your alarm is in an alarm state by using the NC contacts then wired to the In1 and In2 on the Fibaro UBS.

To arm the alarm you can use the GOAP dry contact to close the circuit between the zone that you have set up as a key switch.

Hills Reliance Guide:

To set up a key switch on the Hills Alarm use this code:

*8 9713 0# <-- standard program code

18# * * * * * * 30 *

Exit Exit

You will need to add a 3.3resistorer to the 6.98K resistor in series to Key switch zone.


Key-Switch: – A zone attached to a momentary key switch will arm/disarm the panel if the zone is momentarily shorted from a sealed condition. A 3.3K resistor must be used. Note: If DEOL monitoring is enabled in system options, this zone type must have its EOL configuration as all other DEOL zones, i.e. two 3.3K resistors must be used to allow full line monitoring for this zone type.

Alternative method:

There is the option to use plugins for your controller, for example, there is a company called Home Automation co. They use an ip232 interface and then a plugin that they have written for HC2 charge for it. This will integrate a NESS alarm into Fibaro on a high level.

There is another company called and their z-wave device is connected alongside you existing alarm which gives a great deal of flexibility and options. Unfortunately, this product is currently not available in Australia as it is not compatible with Vera or Fibaro controller. Only with Hubitat as far as I know.

Note: This guide is for the use ONLY for qualified persons to carry out such tasks. If in doubt please contact us. 

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