How to Keep Your Home Safe and Secure During the Holidays

How to Keep Your Home Safe and Secure During the Holidays

It’s the holiday season- decorations, shopping, parties, cooking, friends, family, travel and happiness. But while you are having fun doing all this and more it’s important to be safe and also keep your house safe. Most homeowners, in general, take precautions to prevent fires due to Christmas lights, yet very few take security measures to prevent home robbery. Though fire prevention is certainly important, so are other preventions to keep your family and home safe and not attract the eyes of a burglar.

The best thing we suggest for home safety year-round and especially during the holidays is to have a monitored home security system.

Therefore, here are 5 security precautions you must take to keep the burglars at bay, enjoy the holidays and bring in the New Year happily.

  1. Set lights to turn on and off

 Make your home a smart home with smart home products to ensure your house looks lived-in even when you are travelling to spend Christmas with friends and family. Install smart lights that can be controlled using a Smartphone application allowing you to schedule or turn them on or off as and when required.

  1. Hold off social media postings

It might seem like an irrelevant thing now but statistics show 1 in 12 people had reported a burglary after posting details about their holiday on social media. You never know who might see your posts and get to know that there’s nobody home. Hold off on the posting until you return. 

  1. Get to know if someone is outside

Install motion sensors as they work as a great precautionary measure sending push notifications to your smartphone, setting off an alarm or activating outdoor lights when they detect any movement around a certain perimeter.

  1. Make friends with your neighbours

Piles of newspaper, no outdoor lights or light on 24x7- these all become tell-tale signs for burglars. Ask your neighbour to collect your mail, newspaper and switch on and off the outdoor light. They can also keep an eye out in case of any disturbance and inform you timely.

  1. Don’t display your gifts or boxes

You would want people to see your beautifully decorated Christmas tree with beautiful gifts kept underneath but it’s better to keep them out of public view as it would let burglars know your home has plenty of items to steal.

Also, be cautious of where you dump the gift boxes as it would also let burglars know what items you have in your house.

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