How to incorporate your Smoke Alarm into your Z-wave system using the Fibaro Implant

How to incorporate your Smoke Alarm into your Z-wave system using the Fibaro Implant

This guide shows how to use an interconnected relay to give feedback to your Z-wave Smart Home system. 

A common problem here in Australia is that we want to receive notifications from our z-wave system that our smoke alarm is going off but there are no certified products in the market to do this. We have a solution for you with these products will allow you to still adhere to the regulation with also giving you the feedback you desire. Through your Z-wave system, you can then push notifications, email or even SMS. The way that this system has been wired allows you to remotely set the smoke detectors off sounding the siren if required. 

What you will need:

1. PSA Smoke Alarm 

2. PSA wireless base 

3. PSA Isolation Relay

4. Fibaro Implant

5.12v power supply

The Psa isolation relay is used to give feedback to a fire alarm panel. We are going to use this to give feedback to our Z-wave system. The isolation relay is powered through the low voltage circuit in from the smoke alarm circuitry. The Fibaro Implant requires between 5v and 24v and for this, we used a 12v power supply.

See below the standard diagram.

You can see from the smoke alarm you need to provide the isolation relay with the 9v permanent active, 9v switched active and the neutral from the smoke alarm. In this diagram, it shows a light but instead of that, we are using the negative from the Fibaro Implant on to C terminal of the relay and the In1 from the Implant to NO on the relay.

We utilized the relay output of the Implant to the connect between 9v permanent and 9v switched. This means that you have the function to set the alarms sounding by closing the output of the Implant

The PSA relay comes in its own enclosure big enough to house the Implant as well. We used the supply feeding the smoke alarm to power the 12v power supply. Then we cut a hole behind the smoke alarm and put it all the units in the ceiling above the smoke alarm. 

Note: Any work should only be carried out by someone that is licensed to do so

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