Enhance Your Smart Home with Home Assistant, HomeKit, and HOOBS: Integrating HA Green and Shelly WiFi Devices for a Seamless Experience

Enhance Your Smart Home with Home Assistant, HomeKit, and HOOBS: Integrating HA Green and Shelly WiFi Devices for a Seamless Experience

The integration of Home Assistant (HA), Apple HomeKit, and HOOBS (Homebridge Out Of the Box System), alongside cutting-edge devices like HA Green and Shelly WiFi, homeowners can enjoy unparalleled convenience and control.

This blog post explores how you can leverage these technologies to create an eco-friendly and highly efficient smart home ecosystem.

Embrace the Power of Home Assistant and HomeKit

Home Assistant (HA) stands at the forefront of smart home automation, offering a robust platform that supports thousands of devices from various brands. By integrating Home Assistant with Apple HomeKit, users can manage their smart home devices from anywhere, using just their iOS devices. This synergy not only enhances user experience but also promotes a higher level of automation and personalization. Discover more about Home Assistant's capabilities and how it can transform your home by visiting the official Home Assistant website.

Innovate with HA Green and Shelly WiFi Devices

The introduction of HA Green marks a significant milestone in the quest for sustainable smart homes. This new component of Home Assistant focuses on energy efficiency, helping users monitor and reduce their energy consumption without sacrificing comfort or convenience. Pairing HA Green with Shelly WiFi devices, known for their reliability and energy efficiency, creates a smart home system that's not only intelligent but also environmentally friendly.

Simplify with HOOBS

For those looking to integrate non-HomeKit compatible devices into their Apple HomeKit setup, HOOBS (Homebridge Out Of the Box System) offers a perfect solution. HOOBS simplifies the process of using Homebridge, making it easier for users to bring their entire smart home under one roof. The system's user-friendly interface ensures that even beginners can easily set up and manage their devices. 

Building Your Smart Home with Oz Smart Things

At Oz Smart Things, we understand the importance of creating a smart home that not only offers convenience and efficiency but also aligns with your sustainability goals. Our range of products, including Home Assistant-compatible devices, Shelly WiFi devices, and HOOBS, provides everything you need to build an integrated and eco-friendly smart home system.

Connect with the Community

Engaging with the smart home community can provide additional insights and support as you embark on your smart home journey. Platforms like the Home Assistant Community and Shelly Support Forum offer valuable resources, from troubleshooting tips to creative ideas for automation.


Integrating Home Assistant, HomeKit, and HOOBS with HA Green and Shelly WiFi devices represents a powerful approach to smart home automation. This combination not only maximizes efficiency and convenience but also emphasizes sustainability. At Oz Smart Things, we are committed to providing you with the tools and knowledge needed to create a smart home that fits your lifestyle. Whether you're new to smart homes or looking to upgrade your existing system, explore our website to find the perfect solutions for your needs.

External Resources

By utilizing these resources and the expertise available at Oz Smart Things, you're well on your way to creating a smart home that's not just a part of the future but a reflection of a sustainable and efficient lifestyle today.

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