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Smart Homes and the Internet of Things

In today’s world of mobile devices, portable computers and Wi-Fi Internet our technological demands are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Since the early 2000s, Z-Wave has been incorporated into a range of devices capable of interacting with household utilities and appliances. With Z-Wave devices, you can automate everyday tasks like opening and closing windows, switching off lights, locking doors, adjusting room temperature and much more.

This form of wireless communication is known as the ‘Internet of Things,’ a concept that involves automated devices communicating with one another to perform various tasks. Each wireless device is given a unique identifier enabling them to work together in a secure mesh network.


Wireless technology has played a big role in assisting with industry applications. With heart rate monitors, you can receive instant notifications on an individual’s condition. While entertainment devices like Apple TV’s, allow people to stream their favourite movies and TV shows.

Since 2005, Z-Wave wireless technology has been at the forefront of bringing home automation devices to a broader market. Over 50 million Z-Wave devices have been sold worldwide and over 90% of security companies use Z-Wave.

These devices are inexpensive, easy to use and require minimal installation effort. But how exactly do they work?

What is Z-Wave Technology?

Z-Wave devices communicate with each other through an uninterrupted, low-band radio frequency. Devices with a built-in Z-Wave chip are capable of transforming ordinary appliances into “smart” appliances. Using a Z-Wave gateway or smartphone, you can control, monitor and automate almost any electrical appliance around your house. From operating your lights to opening and closing blinds, Z-Wave gives you complete control over your home and you can easily install more Z-Wave enabled devices whenever you choose to.

How does it Work?

Each Z-Wave enabled device communicates through a sub-1GHz band signal. This allows for multiple networks to operate under the one roof, without interfering with any wireless 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi or Bluetooth signals. Download the Z-Wave app onto your mobile device and you can control any appliance around the house with a Z-Wave gateway, or use your smartphone when you’re away to check if you turned the iron, lights or air conditioner off. You can even turn your heating on before you arrive home.

Features and Benefits

  • Backwards Compatibility - Z-Wave protocol is unique for its proprietary approach to design. Each Z-Wave device is compatible with previously existing models and newer versions. Many brands and manufacturers offer different Z-Wave products, however, all of them go through the same Z-Wave certification process to ensure compatibility with all Z-Wave devices.
  • Easy to Install – Z-Wave devices are easy to install into your home. You can do it yourself or choose from one of our many service providers. Simply choose one of our Z-Wave gateways and any additional devices you wish to install. Best of all, it requires no complex wiring or rummaging through the household walls.
  • Wide Communication Range – Each product operates on a “mesh network” - like a mobile phone network - which allows a signal to travel through multiple repeating devices before reaching its final destination. The approximate range between two Z-Wave products is 30 meters. With multiple devices, you can ensure that your Z-Wave mesh network reliably covers your entire home.
  • Instant Access Anywhere – Using a Z-Wave gateway or the central hub, you can dim the lights, close blinds or adjust the temperature anywhere around the home. Download the Z-Wave app onto your mobile device, and you can manage or control different processes when you’re away from home. Not sure if you remembered to turn off the heating? Open the Z-Wave app to check its current status and switch it off instantly.
  • Create Automated Scenes – With the Z-Wave protocol, you can program controlled scenes or ‘events’ into your devices. You can tell the A/C to activate when the temperature reaches a certain level, or you can have the lights gradually dim throughout the evening. You can even have different devices interact with each other to create more elaborate scenes such as having the windows automatically close when the Z-Wave Weather Module detects rain or wind.
  • Save Time and Energy – Smart homes are capable of delivering great convenience and energy saving benefits to homeowners. By establishing a routine schedule and creating ‘scenes’, you’ll use your devices only when they’re needed, which will help you save money on your energy bills.
  • Safety and Security for your Home – The Z-Wave wireless automation technology is ideal for increasing your home’s security. Using the Smart Home Security System, you can install cameras and multiple motions, door/window, sound, water leakage, CO gas, smoke and temperature detectors around the household. You can program the Z-Wave gateway to trigger lights, alarms and locks in response to potential intruders, as well as to alert you immediately when an intruder is detected.


Major Applications of Z-Wave Technology


With Z-Wave, you can transform ordinary appliances into “smart appliances.” These include a range of common household utilities, including lights, door locks, and alarms, heating and cooling appliances, irrigation, security systems and more.

Z-Wave enabled devices to let you control every process around the home, no matter where you are. Using either a Z-Wave gateway or a mobile device, you can automate each process to work for you. Download the Z-Wave app onto your iPhone or Android device, so you can control and monitor household appliances when you’re away.

Light Commercial

Z-Wave is ideal for keeping your commercial property safe and secure. Install Z-Wave motion and sound detectors and you’ll be instantly alerted to potential intruders. Your security devices can communicate with other Z-Wave products too. For example, you can program outdoor lights to switch on when intruders are detected and for your Z-Wave gateway to send you an SMS with instant photos.



Z-Wave can also improve the quality of your work environment. Use Z-Wave to automate your air conditioning appliance, which will instantly activate after reaching the desired temperature. Your employees will enjoy the benefits of a temperature regulated workspace, providing comfort and stability throughout all seasons. You can control multiple A/C split systems in one building wirelessly using only one controller.

Energy Monitoring

With increasing energy bills and rates, monitoring your home energy usage is now more important than ever. Thanks to Z-Wave you can take control of your energy consumption.

Using a Z-Wave gateway or mobile device you can monitor how much energy your appliances are using and you can put a limit on the amount of energy they consume too.

With Z-Wave you only use the appliances you need, so your energy consumption is at its optimum and you save time switching off unnecessary appliances. This will help you save on costly energy bills and lets you enjoy a comfortable environment all year round.


Assisted Age Living

With an increasing focus on the aging population, technology will play an important role in the aged care sector. Using Z-Wave devices, caregivers will be able to monitor their patients and instantly be alerted to any emergency situation.

Aged citizens can use Z-Wave technology at home too. Using a Z-Wave controller or mobile device, they can operate their lights and close hard-to-reach windows with little effort. This will greatly assist aged citizens with limited mobility and allow them to perform daily tasks much more safely.

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