4G OBD Car Tracker

4G OBD Car Tracker

Starter Guide

To access the guide to the following GPS tracker models click the link below and follow the steps to get your device up and running.


Full Manual (for advanced users only):

SMS Command List

User Manual

Vehicle Diagnostic reading compatibility list

Tracking Platform Website



Q: Did the start up fail?
A: Check if the battery charge is full or not.

Q: The device cannot obtain location information?
A: Make sure the device is in an open area or near a window to test.

Q: How to choose a SIM card?
A: We recommend Amaysim. The SIM card must support GSM&LTE /GPRS. Make sure the card has credit and that it is NOT data only.

Q: Not able to get the device working?
A: Follow the guide below or reach out to us via email. 



Please comply with the instructions to extend the unit life:
1. Keep the unit dry. Any liquid, i.e. rain, moisture, may destroy or damage the inside circuitry.

2. Don’t put the unit in overheated or over cooled places.

3. Don’t disassemble or refit the unit.

4. Please use the battery and charger provided by manufacturer. Using other batteries and chargers can cause problems.

GPS Tracker Sim Card Fault Finding

Have you activated the sim card and inserted into the device? Does the sim have available credit not data only? What network are you using? Can you put the sim card in a phone and check it can make and receive calls SMS and has an internet connection?

When you call does it:
A) Go straight to answer phone? This mean the device is either turned off, not in a service area or the sim card is not inserted properly

B) Rings once then goes straight to answerphone? This mean the device is turned on and working but you may not have an available credit on the device. Remember the sim has to be not data only, it must have credit available for calls, SMS and data.

C) It says the person is unavailable or the service is disconnected? This means that the sim has not been activated properly. Please try in a phone and check that it can make and receive calls.


What APN do I use when not using the recommended Amaysim Sim Card?

Send the following message to the number of the sim that is in device depending on which network you are using.

Telstra: AS7777AT+APN=Telstra.iph,,;

Vodafone: AS7777AT+APN=live.vodafone.com,,;

Optus: AS7777AT+APN=yesinternet,,;


 Is the tracker still not live on the software?

If not, send me the phone number of the sim that is in the device, turn it on and tell which network you are using. 

I will then remotely communicate with the device and get it online for you. 

We will get this resolved ASAP for you. Can you please turn on the device, leave beside a window and the charger. Then send us the mobile number of sim that is in the device, The network you are using and the IMEI number that is printed on the device. We will do some remote diagnostics and get back to you.

Please send all information to info@ozsmartthings.com.au

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John Allan

Is the charging port, the micro USB next to the SIMM Card.

Will tracker work with aldi simm card.
I have sent AS7777AT+APN=Telstra.iph,,;
I can text AS7777AT+APN; and get

John Allan

Hi, how do I reset my MY GNSS password.



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