3G Network in Australia is Shutting Down: Upgrade to Oz Smart Things' 4G GPS Trackers Now

3G Network in Australia is Shutting Down: Upgrade to Oz Smart Things' 4G GPS Trackers Now

Australia's 3G network is on the brink of shutdown, with services ceasing by September 2024.

This major shift, beginning in December 2023, is due to the global rise of 4G and 5G technologies, necessitating the reallocation of the 3G spectrum to enhance these newer networks. The implications for businesses using 3G GPS tracking devices are significant: without an upgrade to 4G devices, fleet operations could face major disruptions.

The transition from 3G to 4G isn't just a SIM card swap; it requires a complete hardware upgrade, as 3G devices are incompatible with 4G networks. The benefits of moving to 4G are numerous: faster connection speeds, lower latency, increased processing power, and improved reliability. These improvements are not only crucial for maintaining current operational efficiency but also for future-proofing your business in the evolving technological landscape.

To prepare for this transition, businesses should assess their current GPS devices, plan the upgrade process, and consider the overall impact on their fleet and operations. The process includes understanding which devices need upgrading and coordinating the installation timeline, ensuring minimal disruption to daily operations.

Oz Smart Things is here to help you through this transition. Our range of 4G GPS tracking devices offers the latest technology to keep your fleet operations running smoothly and efficiently. By upgrading to our 4G trackers, you can ensure uninterrupted service, compliance with regulatory requirements, and take advantage of the advanced features that 4G technology offers.

Don't wait until it's too late. Start planning your transition to 4G GPS tracking devices now to ensure your business stays connected and compliant.

Visit our product page to explore our 4G GPS tracking solutions and make the switch today: https://www.ozsmartthings.com.au/collections/gps-tracking-devices

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