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4 Ways to Use Amazon Alexa to Keep Your Home Safe

4 Ways to Use Amazon Alexa to Keep Your Home Safe

Amazon Alexa Smart Home

If you’re already using an Amazon Echo device, you’re likely using it to listen to music, ask questions, or get caught up on the day’s news. But did you know that Amazon Echo devices are also a great addition to your smart home? Amazon smart speakers allow you to control devices in your home with simple voice commands. Lock your doors, check your garage door, lower the temperature – make it all happen with smart home products powered by Z-Wave.

Home security is a great benefit of a smart home and when combined with voice control, it’s never been easier to add protection to your home with the added convenience of controlling devices via your voice. Whether you speak to Alexa via an Amazon Echo, Spot, Show or Dot – here are a few ways you can ask Alexa to help keep your home just a little safer.

  1. “Alexa, turn on Goodbye Scene!”

Scene control is a big benefit of a smart home. Smart scenes can be created from your smart hub’s app by combining various devices in your home together such as lighting, sensors, security and more into one “scene” that performs actions of your choosing. For example, a Goodbye scene could trigger smart interior lights to turn off, save one or two, and exterior lights to turn on. Asking Alexa to perform this command on your way out the door saves you time and adds an additional layer of security.

  1. “Alexa, lock all the doors!”   

Smart door locks are a great way to easily control access to your home. Create unique access codes for different members of the family or visitors to your home like a pet or house-sitter, and easily check on who has come and gone. You can also use voice commands to lock the doors in your home. Simply ask Alexa to lock your front or back door as you leave the home or go to bed.

  1. “Alexa, show me the latest front door activity!”

If you have a smart door camera and alarm like options from VBell, you can easily watch over your home via the Vbell app on your phone, which allows you to view real-time footage or even speak to those at your door. VBell also offers integration with Alexa, so you can use voice control commands to ask Alexa to show you the last activity from the front door or recent events in your backyard. You can even control recordings and if your camera is also integrated with a supported lock, you can use the lock and unlock functionality via Alexa.

4. "Alexa, close all the blinds!"

Soma Smart Shades can be used to automatically open your blinds during the day and close them at night to simulate someone at home and adds to your overall privacy. Using the Soma connect the device with the Smart Shades you can then use voice commands with Alexa and set up seen such as "Movie Time"

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