Universal Multisensor Recessor

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This handy Universal Multisensor Recessor can be used to recess a DOME, PHILIO or Fibaro multi-sensor. 

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Product Details

Use the Universal Multisensor Recessor to place multi-sensors within a wall or ceiling allowing them to serve their function more discreetly and preserving the aesthetic appeal of your home. It is easy to install and remove. Simply twist the cover off the recessor and place your multi-sensor inside, then pull the recessor clips back as you insert it into the hole in your wall/ceiling.  

PSP05 C small

You can also use the Universal Multisensor Recessor in narrow locations such as hallways to reduce the risk of it being knocked about by passers by.

This product is compatible with the following;

PSP05 A small DomeMSmotionsensorfib

Technical Specifications

Indoor use only
Operation temperature
0 ~ 55 °C
Storage temperature
‐10 ~ 80 °C
(LxWxH) 71mm x 71mm x 40mm
Warranty 12 Months