TomaHawk 2 Way Car Alarm

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High Quality 2 way Car Alarm with Pager and Remote Start.

Keep your car safe with this feature-packed car alarm. When armed if the car feels vibration it will sound a warning if then if feel vibration again the very loud alarm will go off and if you are within 2kms the pager will alert you that the alarm is sounding. Turbo timer and remote start make this alarm system one of the best on the market. 


Standard system features:

  • 5-button programmable 2-sided remote control with LCD.
  • LCD backlight.
  • Vibration mode.
  • Antiscanner.
  • Anti-grabber.
  • Programmable charms (up to 4 pcs.)
  • Visual and audible confirmation of the functions performed.
  • Arm with siren disconnection.
  • Secure remote engine start / shutdown.
  • Can be mounted on vehicles with automatic or manual gearbox.
  • Possibility of installation on vehicles with a gasoline or diesel engine.
  • Temperature control in the cabin a / m.
  • External temperature sensor.
  • Automatic engine warming up at a given temperature.
  • Daily (1, 2, 4, 12-hour) automatic engine start.
  • Bypassing the faulty area with visual and audible confirmation.
  • Two-zone shock sensor.
  • Remote shutdown of the shock sensor.
  • Protection against false positives.
  • Self Diagnosis
  • 3 additional channels.
  • Mode "Anti-hijack".
  • Panic mode.
  • Mode "Valet".
  • Security doors, hood, trunk.
  • Indication of the battery power supply keychain pager.
  • Power saving mode battery power keychain pager.
  • The function of "calling the driver."
  • Search / m.
  • Built-in keychain pager clock, alarm clock, timer.
  • Indication of system status by LED indicator.
  • Built-in central locking relay.
  • Memory status.
  • Two-step disarm.
  • Two-step opening of the central lock.
  • Engine lock
  • Automatic control of the range of the pager.
  • Turbo timer 

Note: This product does not have GPS.

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