SwitchBot Hub Mini Smart Remote Smart Home Automation DIY Switch AC
SwitchBot Hub Mini Smart Remote Smart Home Automation DIY Switch AC
SwitchBot Hub Mini Smart Remote Smart Home Automation DIY Switch AC
SwitchBot Hub Mini Smart Remote Smart Home Automation DIY Switch AC

SwitchBot Hub Mini Smart Remote

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SwitchBot Hub Mini is an all-in-one universal compact IR remote control, a voice or app-controlled auto-learning remote control for any IR appliance and SwitchBot.

Enable remote control, Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri and IFTTT.

Pair your air conditioner, TV, and any appliance to the Hub Mini. You'll never worry about losing your remote again!

Keep the appliances you love, and make them smart with SwitchBot. Installing a Hub Mini in each room, you can operate household appliances from anywhere.

Turn on air conditioner remotely, and make room cool before arriving home. With schedule feature, you will NEVER forget to turn off the appliances saving energy and money.

Setup in 1 minute without tooling or wiring. Add the Hub Mini in the app then start Smart Learning. Point your remote at the Hub Mini and press any button and bingo! Now your remote is learned.

Hub Mini supports over 4,000 brands out of the box. Moreover, it can learn and replicate any infrared signal with manual mode. Hub Mini works with Alexa, Google Home and Siri so you can use voice commands to control your air conditioner, TV and more. For example, you can use phrases like "Alexa, turn on the aircon", "OK Google, switch off the TV" and "Hey Siri, increase the temperature in the kitchen".

The best choice for DIY and creative makers. Simply integrate the Hub Mini to IFTTT, and DIY the use cases. Connect your appliance and nearby SwitchBots (the Bot, Meter and more) to Wi-Fi. Enable remote control, Alexa, Google Home, Siri, and IFTTT. SwitchBot, your simple switch to a SMART HOME.

Easy to use

First, pair your Hub Mini in the intuitive SwitchBot App. Then add your infrared remote controller with the "Smart Learning" mode in just 5 seconds. Bingo, you are ready to go!

Learning fast like lightning. Hub Mini supports over 4,000 brands out of the box. You can enjoy the ease of "Smart Learning". Simply point your remote to the Hub Mini, then press any button, your device brand and model will be automatically identified. The database is being updated every a few weeks to keep you up to date.

What about those brands or models not included? No worry, SwitchBot Hub Mini can mimic any infrared signal with manual learning modes (i.e. Customize or DIY mode).

Customize mode works like templates for common IR-controlled appliances like TV, light, speaker, etc. You can still enjoy the industry cutting-edge voice control experience while we keep updating the database. For any other appliances, the DIY mode will cover your back and record the infrared signal from each remote button.

Moreover, with a portable and USB-powered* design, you can set and use the Hub Mini the way you prefer. Either hang it up to a nail on the wall, place it on the table, paste it anywhere with the complementary double-side sticker.

No matter where you are going to place the Hub Mini, the well-chosen USB cable is soft and offers flexibility. We carefully select the cable with a proper memorylessness and shape to compatible with most use cases.

* Note: Hub Mini required a 5V 1A USB adapter or an equivalent power source. It is NOT included in the package and needs to be purchased separately.

Most people set up SwitchBot Hub Mini in 1 minute or less. If you ever need help, reach out to us with the free mobile App (tap Feedback).

All remotes in one app

Now you can set a schedule to turn on the Air conditioner and set the desired temperature before you arrive home, make your appliances smart with SwitchBot!

Obtain a Hub Mini, then you can toss out all your remotes. You will be surprised what an IR blaster can do for you, and enjoy the convenience at your fingertip.

Place 1 Hub Mini for each room with infrared devices you want to control is the suggested way. So that your infrared control can be spread to every corner of your house.

Enjoy a morning routine by turning on the TV for your favorite morning news. Turn off AC when you are leaving to save power. Make your own movie time scene, just with the SwitchBot App on hand.

Let alone the timers, voice control, and remote control!

But, do you know there is more than just Infrared?

Pair your air conditioner, TV, and other infrared controllable appliances to the Hub Mini.

Your "mini" step to a smart home

Get a Hub Mini at home, so you can benefit from long battery life gadgets while getting more fun. We offer variant BLE-based SwitchBot devices, like the Bot (mechanical button pusher), the Meter (thermometer & hygrometer), etc. (purchase separately).

Your smart home plan is now easier than before. Not to mention more Wi-Fi-based SwitchBot devices like the SwitchBot smart humidifier.

Create a smart "Scene" in the SwitchBot App to automate things. As an example, when SwitchBot Meter detects your room temperature has exceeded 80°F, turn on your AC with the Hub Mini. While if the humidity is lower than 60%, turn on SwitchBot smart humidifier.

Already have some devices from other vendors in the home? Not a problem. The IFTTT support also brings maximum compatibility and freedom, so you can put things work together.

Every single SwitchBot product works on its own. While they work better with others.

So Just start with the one that you need for now. SwitchBot can be your "mini" step to a smart home.\\

As a gateway, the Hub Mini connects SwitchBot Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices to the Internet, consequently enable more possibilities.

Yours for the asking

Say "Alexa, good morning." Then SwitchBot will make a cup of coffee, turn on the TV and set the channel to your favourite one, turn off your bedroom AC.

Begin your beautiful morning with the SwitchBot morning routine.

Get SwitchBot Hub Mini to find out what Google Home and Siri can do for you.

Wants voice control to the traditional IR-based devices? SwitchBot: all yours for the asking.

SwitchBot works with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri shortcuts. You can control all SwitchBot devices or home appliances with simple voice commands.

Remote control, save energy & money

Set a pre-defined scene, your appliances can be turned off automatically when leaving for work at 8 am. SwitchBot got you covered in different ways.

Save energy and our planet means we don’t heat or cool an empty home. SwitchBot makes all this easier.

Go green with your creative ways to turn on/off or adjust the home appliance settings. Keep things in control of the way you like.

Take care of your pets remotely and automatically. Set up heating or cooling device control with a Hub Mini and a Bot (mechanical button pusher), optionally place a Meter (thermometer & hygrometer) nearby.

Get SwitchBot Hub Mini, make the first move to keep things in control.


Bot BLE Open API
Meter BLE Open API