Slimline Magnetic Portable Tracker

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Slimline Battery Tracker, Portable Magnetic GPS Tracking device

For serious tracking applications, the Slimline Battery Tracker is an all-in-one tracker designed for Law enforcement, fleet, and container tracking. Featuring waterproof housing, long-lasting rechargeable lithium battery, internal antenna and large high-power magnets. The Slimline Battery Tracker has everything you need for serious tracking applications where durability and reliability are essential. The Slimline Battery Tracker is capable of operating up to TWO months under normal driving conditions and 8 months to 2 years in timer mode.

With a battery that can last up to two months and Advanced Power Management that can remotely extend your battery life by weeks or months, it's perfect for applying on vehicles that have an unspecified return date, giving you the needed time to recover your device and allowing you to choose when your tracker runs in high-performance mode and when to save power.

Have multiple vehicles? The Battery Tracker is easily moved to where it's needed most, so it's perfect for small or large companies who only want to track specific vehicles.

The Battery Tracker is specially integrated with our user-friendly online tracking platform and gives you real-time location direct to your PC, tablet or smart-phone.

With the Slimline Battery Tracker, there are no limits to where you can track. Even when out of cellular range, GPS locations will be stored until back in range, and then uploaded to your web platform; assuring you don't miss any important trip data.

Get the optional Secure IMEI & SIM to protect yourself if the device is removed or stolen.

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