Oz Wifi Smart Blinds 3 Pack

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Oz Wifi Smart Blind Motor 3 Pack

"Ok Google, Close the blinds"

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Make your blinds and shades smart with Oz Wifi Smart Blinds!

Now we are launching a unique smart blinds motor for existing blinds such as roller blinds and vertical blinds. The product drives the manual controls and is easily installed in minutes.

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Enjoy the convenience with motorized smart blinds

There are several different ways to control the Oz Smart Blinds motor:

  • With the buttons on the Oz Smart Blinds unit
  • With the Tuya App when connected to Wifi
  • With the app, one by one and group control 
  • Set time schedule (through Tuya Free App)
  • Voice control (Alexa, Google)

Powered by a 12v Australian AC adapter with a 3m cable, the motor drives the existing chain or cord, making your existing blinds operate automatically.

Please note this device is NOT battery operated. Only the Oz Remote Smart Blinds have rechargeable batteries. 


  • Does not use a tubular motor, use on new and existing blinds, You don't have to change your blinds
  • You can mount on the side or face of the window frame, 2 minute easy DIY installation
  • Easy to set up,  Control by the buttons on the device, by Alexa or Google using the Tuya App on your smartphone


Compatible with

This is a Wifi device you can connect to the Tuya  app to set schedules, which then enables integration with for example:

  • Google Assistant
  • Amazon Alexa
  • HomeKit ( Through HomeAssistant )

Instruction Manual

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