LKGPS Portable Magnetic 6000mah

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3G Battery GPS Tracker

  • Super strong magnets to attach to any vehicle
  • The big battery that can last up to 100 days
  • With a MIC that supports remotely listen in 
  • Easy to locate the device in the map at any time as well as the history of the route
  • You can program it to notify your cell phone when the device moves or leaves a certain predetermined perimeter
  • Waterproof
  • Dismount sensor alert

This device has super strong magnets and is waterproof so simply attach it to the underside of the vehicle. Check where employees are by simply logging onto the mobile app provided or on your PC to show you exactly on the map where they are.

The item can arrive to you completely configured and with a Vodafone (Telstra on request) sim card.

Gps Tracker specification

Instruction Manual