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Home Assistant Smart Apartment Kit

Home Assistant Smart Apartment Kit

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Home Assistant Smart Apartment Kit: HA Green + Zigbee USB, 2X Zigbee Single Light Switch-White, 2X Zigbee Dimmer Switch-White, 2X Double Light Switch-White, 4X ZigBee Power Points, Sensibo Sky, ZigBee Smart Plug, 2x Zigbee Multi Sensor, Bond Bridge, Tuya Smart Lock Deadlatch, Grandstream Router, Frient sensor door/window


Introducing the Home Assistant Smart Apartment Kit: Your Gateway to Intelligent Living

Transform your apartment into a smart haven with the Home Assistant Smart Apartment Kit, featuring the HA Green+ Zigbee USB, a curated selection of Zigbee-enabled devices, and powerful smart home essentials. Experience the convenience and innovation of seamless automation tailored to your lifestyle.

Key Components:

  1. HA Green:

    • The heart of your smart home, enabling seamless communication and control of Zigbee devices with Home Assistant
  2. Zigbee Single Light Switch, White (2X):

    • Elevate your lighting control with two Zigbee Single Light Switches in a clean and modern white finish. Effortlessly manage individual lights with smart precision.
  3. Zigbee Dimmer Switch, White (2X):

    • Set the perfect ambiance with two Zigbee Dimmer Switches in a sleek white design. Adjust light levels to suit any mood or occasion with ease.
  4. Double Light Switch, White (2X):

    • Streamline control with two Zigbee Double Light Switches, offering enhanced versatility for managing multiple lights in a room.
  5. Zigbee Power Points (4X):

    • Achieve intelligent power management with four Zigbee Power Points. Remotely control and monitor connected devices for optimal energy efficiency.
  6. Sensibo Sky:

    • Take control of your climate with Sensibo Sky. Smartly manage your air conditioner or heat pump for personalized comfort and energy savings.
  7. Zigbee Smart Plug:

    • Expand your connectivity options with the Zigbee Smart Plug. Turn any regular device into a smart device for easy control and monitoring.
  8. Zigbee USB Stick:

    • Elevate your home automation capabilities with the Zigbee USB Stick. Effortlessly integrate Zigbee devices into your network, expanding your smart home ecosystem.
    • Bond Bridge:

      • Unify control over ceiling fans and fireplaces with the Bond Bridge. Seamlessly integrate with Home Assistant for centralized automation.
    • Tuya Smart Lock Deadlatch:

      • Elevate your home security with the Tuya Smart Lock Deadlatch. Experience keyless entry and advanced security features for peace of mind.
    • Grandstream Router:

      • Establish a robust and reliable network foundation with the Grandstream Router. Ensure smooth communication between your smart devices for uninterrupted automation.
    • Oz Smart Zigbee Door Sensor:

      • Oz Smart Zigbee Door Sensor: Elevate home security with seamless connectivity and real-time alerts for every entry point

    Upgrade to the Home Assistant Smart Apartment Kit for a smarter, more connected living space. Seamlessly blend convenience, efficiency, and security to create a personalized smart home experience.

    Elevate your lifestyle with Home Assistant, – intelligence meets comfort.


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