Fibaro Home Center 3 Starter Package

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Fibaro Smart Home System

The ultimate Fibaro Smart Home Starter Kit. 

We have taken our years of experience in the building automation industry to bring you the best Smart Home System on the market using the Fibaro Home Center 3.

This game-changer product has changed the smart home industry forever. It has never been easier and more cost-effective to start your Smart Home.

We have put together a base package to get you started on your journey, These are the best products working together to make your home smart. 

We provide full technical support with every kit purchased. We can provide guidance to your electrician on how to install from our own technicians that install these products every day in Sydney. We also have install electricians and home security partners across the country. Get in contact today for pricing for the installation of this package in your state or territory. 

What you will get in this package. 

1. Your homemade smart using the latest technology 

2. App and voice control your lights and devices

3. Simple functions to automatically turn on or off lights based on time or motion

4. Integrations with your existing systems like Philips Hue, Sonos, Alexa, Google home, IP Cameras, etc 

5. Free tech support with every system

6. Control your home no matter where you are. See all your devices on the Mobile app or web platform when you're at home or away. 


Contents of the package: 

1 x Fibaro Home Center 3 - The brain of your smart home

8 x Fibaro Dimmer 2 with Clipsal Iconic push switch - Replaces your exiting switches to new smart dimmers 

1 x Fibaro Double Switch with Clipsal Iconic - Replaces your exiting switch for a bathroom or external lights (non-dimming)

2 x Fibaro Multi-Sensor - Monitors movement, temperature, light level and even vibration

1 x Aeotec Smart Switch 6 - This plugs into your power point to control lamps or even your coffee machine.