Electric Strike

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An electric strike is an access control device used for doors. It replaces the fixed strike faceplate often used with a latch bar (also known as a keeper). Like a fixed strike, it normally presents a ramped surface to the locking latch allowing the door to close and latch just like a fixed strike would.

Multiple options available.
Usually used for standard swinging doors with a latch on the door.

Lock size: 124L x 32W x 33H mm
Standard structure: Stainless steel
Dual voltage: DC12V
Current draw: 250mA
Fail-secure: Locked when not energised (EC-138NO)
Signal output: Lock signal No/Nc/COM
Safety function: Built-in voltage spike suppressor
Opening Mode: 90-degree swinging door
Suitable for: Wooden door, glass door, metal door and fireproof door
Authority certification: CE approved
Net weight: 0.4kg