Oz Smart Things PTY LTD:DHS Active Infrared Sensor
Oz Smart Things PTY LTD:DHS Active Infrared Sensor

DHS Active Infrared Sensor

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Quick Overview 

The Active Infrared Sensor is part of sensors family that creates an invisible infrared beam between the two units which can be placed up to 20 metres apart. The triger activates when someone or something moves through and breaks the beam.This sensor can be connected with any binary Z-Wave sensors to be a part of Z-Wave ecosystem. 


Product Details

It can be great safety option for the garage door automation.
Ideal for nursing care of the elderly, monitoring of children's movements, monitor doorways, windows, detering and warning of unwanted intruders etc.

Installation: on every flat surface, no pattress box needed.

Please note: Power supply 12V is required.


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Technical Specifications

Product Name 
Active Infrared Sensor
Single Beam
Operation Range
DC/AC 12 to 24V (not in the set)
Wave Length
Infra-red Frequency
Operation temperature
-20°C to 70°C
Input RX 15mA~TX 30mA
Net Weight
Size (Each One)
7.5 x 4.8 x 3cm