Aeotec MultiSensor 6 Recessor

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MultiSensor 6 is only 1.65 inches in size. With Recessor it gets even smaller. Recessor allows Aeotec’s Z-Wave Plus Multisensor 6 to be installed within a ceiling or wall cavity. Once installed it’s only invisible, emerging only 0.47cm from the wall or ceiling. Despite being recessed, MultiSensor 6 can still be powered either by batteries or by mains power.

  • Install MultiSensor 6, Z-Wave motion sensor, within a wall or ceiling cavity Enables recessed, near invisible installation of MultiSensor 6
  • Sensor can continue to be powered either by battery or mains power via USB
  • Allows for easy removal of MultiSensor 6 for changing batteries if battery powered
  • Simple, spring-loaded installation