Adaprox Bluetooth Bridge

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Adaprox Bluetooth Bridge - White

Adaprox Bridge allows you to Remotely Control While Away from Home 

Adaprox Bluetooth Bridge is a highly integrated smart gateway consisting of a Wi-Fi module, a Bluetooth module and a motherboard. Used with the Adaprox Home App, Bridge can help you easily achieve device pairing, resetting, group control, and voice control. Adaprox Bridge lifts the experience of using our products to the next level.

  • Remotely Control While Away from Home 

The Adaprox Bridge brings all your Fingerbots online, allowing you to control them from anywhere, at any time. Using Adaprox Bridge will bring a wider range of applications for your Fingerbots. Retrofitting all your electronics for IoTs, lets you remotely control various devices even when you're not at home.

  •  Works with Google Home, Alexa or other Smart Devices 

Adaprox Bridge can connect Fingerbot to popular smart devices such as Google Home and Amazon Alexa. With the Adaprox Bridge, you can simply use your voice to control Fingerbot without launching the app.