Pet GPS Tracking Device

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3G Pet Tracker in Gold Colour

*Please make sure the size of the device is suitable for your pet*

Pet GPS tracker device for pets and other animals will always let you know where your pet is. Check the location of your pet using our free app for smartphones (iPhone, Android). Also, you can use it on your farm for tracking horse or sheep. 

Pet Tracker enables you to set a Safe Zone for your pet. If your pet leaves the Safe Zone, you will get an alert directly on your app. The tracker uses GPS and communicates through cell phone towers, which enable you to track your pet 24/7. 

Pet GPS tracker not only shows where your pet was a few minutes ago but also tracks your pet's historical route via the App. Start the Live-Tracking Mode and you will see the trace where your pet was and where it is heading right now.  

Battery Life: 5-7 days, depending on usage  
Battery fully recharges in 2 hours  

1* GPS tracker
1* Magnetic USB cable  
1* User manual

- Smart LED light will automatically turn on when in dark environment.

- FLEXIBLE AND PORTABLE. The size is 1.85" x 1.97" x 0.6" and the weight is 40g. Recommended for pets above 4.5 kg (9 pounds) 

You will receive this device set up and ready to use. It will include a Vodafone (Telstra on request) sim card. 

Ready to use:

1. Comes with an unactivated Sim card installed in the device

2. All configuration has been done to the software

3. Simple instructions sent via email]
4. 24/7 support

Instruction Manual